Thursday, August 4, 2011

2 more days!!

I can't believe how fast time has gone.  In two days, the girls and I will have been away from Adam for 3 weeks.  Luckily it has gone fairly quickly, up until now.  The 3 day countdown has seemed like time is standing still. 
Everytime we have Skyped or called him, Adam always says, "Olive has grown so much in these few weeks."  It really is incredible how many more words she has added to her vocabulary, how many new favorite hobbies she has found, and how her love of things that go has blossomed to an obsession.
Baby O is not so much baby anymore, but is a full fledged comedian wrapped up in a toddler bod. 
I swear she has a new very animated facial expression every day.  The surprised face that she gets though when she sees an airplane or a helicopter always stays the same. 
So, to make sure daddy is aquainted with his dear 20 month old, I wanted to jot a few things down.
She calls the kitty here at my parents Meow Meow, and follows it everywhere.
Picking up rocks that are practically boulders to her is her new love.  She carries one in each hand and says, "Wock" over and over.  We make her say the word over and over because it is pure hilarity!
The Aviary may ask us to never come back after the other day.  Olive saw a couple of peacocks and followed them everywhere loudly shouting, "Pea-cock!!  Pea-cock!!"  nonstop.  All of the other poor birds are probably traumatized.
She ate a strawberry and finally didn't spit it out!  This girl does not enjoy most textures, but this is progress.
Have you seen "Follow that Bird"?  If you have, you may remember the song "Easy Goin'"  (If you have not seen the movie, don't watch it, it is a strange one but yet a childhood memory for me.)  Anyway, she and Caroline sing that song all day, I would love to post the video.  You would die.
If she is mad she will tell you to "Go Away" so watch out daddy.
On the other hand, she will cuddle and cuddle some more.  She doesn't know how much I need and love that.
See you soon daddy! 

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Here And Happy! said...

I tried to imagine a little sister who wouldn't be simply lost in the shadow of intense, animated, dramatic, brilliant Caroline, but voila! We receive Olive Mary--baby princess of hilarity and endless expression. Her surprise face is to die for! She definitely holds her own in the family. Adorable. Precious.