Monday, February 22, 2010

Charming New England

Driving around the quaint towns of New Hampshire looking for covered bridges was a wonderful way to spend a couple of days when my parents were here. It was like we were on a treasure hunt trying to find them all. Most of the bridges do not have any signs that tell you exactly how to get to them (which I love) so it's very exciting when you do get to one! Every time we would get to one I kept saying, "oh, this is my favorite one!" but it was too hard to choose a favorite. I just adore the charm they have. Worn wood, majestic views of the rivers, snow covered trees surrounding was wonderful. I also enjoyed exploring this state that I live in! I wish I could have taken pictures of all of the barns, old rustic doors on homes, fresh pine wreaths hanging on old churches, and mossy rock walls we saw. Caroline and Olive were the greatest little travelers. I was able to squish my post pregnancy hips and bum between their carseats (hence why I wasn't jumping out and snapping more pictures) and enjoy my sweet girls company the entire time. We tried to find a cozy little greasy spoon for lunch and we ended up at the Bluebird Cafe somewhere down south. Yes it left a bit to be desired, but the red stools that lined the counter as we walked in were again charming.

Thompson Bridge

Cresson Bridge
New England College Bridge
Rowell's Bridge
Proof that sweet little Olive was with us on on our adventure. She only got up to eat with us at lunch.

Ashuelot Covered Bridge


Mary said...

That was so much fun to look for those bridges. We saw quite a few but there are still some left for our next adventure of "Where's Waldo" or Where's a covered bridge"? The girls were real troupers and we had such a wonderful time with you and them. The Bluebird Cafe was great but the cafe in Warner was THE BEST!!

Sarah Z said...

I just love how you appreciate the little things so much! You make them sound so amazing, but alot of people would just see it as "a bridge". You are so optimistic; I love it! We need more of that around here! How nice to always be able to site see when you get visitors. You make me want to come and see it all!

Ann Marie said...

I love the covered bridges, it reminds me of Anne of Green Gabels. You are always so energetic and positive, I love it! Keep bloging about your adventures they are giving me ideas.

Here And Happy! said...

This last picture is spectacular! There is so much to see and do. We have to hurry and visit again so we can take advantage of the opportunity (not to mention that we're experiencing withdrawl symptoms again already!)

Morgan & Geoff said...

Cresson Bridge looks a little too much like the one from Beetle Juice. The others are gorgeous though...nice pics!