Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Every morning...

at about 7 am we hear a sweet little voice loudly saying, "Mommy, daddy, I'm awake!"
bright eyed Caroline is sitting on her bed smiling waiting for us to come in her room
when we ask how she slept she replies, "Good"
when we ask what she had dreams about she tilts her head to the side, sighs and dreamily says, "Butterflies and flowers"
we usually pour a bowl of Life cereal for little Caroline, it's her "very, very, very favorite!"
Olive wakes up between 7 and 8 and eats
Caroline will look at freshly showered and ready Adam and say, "You look handsome dad! That is a cute shirt."
She continues to usually say, "So how's your school? (shrugs her shoulders and puts her hands out) "So tell me about it."
When Olive starts getting fussy (and when Caroline says "I wanna watch a movie")we bounce and dance around to my new favorite song "Do you remember" by Jay Sean, and then "A whole new world" as requested by Caroline and Olive stares at this:

She instantly becomes mesmerized by the hearts. Looks like she is a hopeless romantic just like her mommy. It also looks like we will be celebrating Valentine's for an extended period of time this year so Olive can enjoy her garland...fine by me!


Corinne said...

I am still amazed that we didn't have to drape them around the men in the circle...that would have been the most festive blessing ever!

The Beckstroms said...

Yay, we're here. We've already had the dancing, singing and putting on makeup, oh, and stickers. I'm amazed that that garland has such an effect on Olive. Valentines is a good holiday to have up for a long time.
Love, Mom

Here And Happy! said...

I can almost hear this dialogue with Caroline. It's overwhelming how much I miss her! No more Skype-skippin' for us. It's too depressing.

Andrea I've been having a recurring "rewind" in which I say of Olive on Skype, "She's huge! She's a monster baby!" I actually said that, didn't I? I'm sure it offended you. What I was reacting to was her hopelessly rapid growth, magnified even more by the distance between us. The Beautiful Baby Burrito is neither huge nor monstrous...her Grandma B. is just a drama. Can you forgive me? I need to HOLD her!

Sarah Z said...

I wish you lived closer so that we could all get alittle bit of Caroline's cuteness! Does she ever throw tantrums or anything? She always seems so upbeat & happy!