Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Last weekend was one of the best weekends that I've had in a long time. I had such a good time with my sisters and I still can't believe that my 40 degree Utah sisters wanted to come to 12-20 degree New Hampshire in the winter. Oh the pull that two sweet little girls have on their aunties. Caroline loved all the attention she got and definitely used her aunts free time to her advantage. There were tea parties, sticker parties, dancing, singing, dress-up, books to read, including the darling Library Lion which aunt Corinne brought her. Olive of course loved being held and cuddled non-stop. It was fun going places with two extra sets of hands.
The first day we went to Maine to see the Nubble Lighthouse and stop in at the cutest restaurant. We dined on clam chowder, a salmon wrap with sweet potato fries, and an avocado crab melt with Havarti cheese. To top all that off we had some gooey blueberry crumble a la mode, and laughed later when we found out that Maine is the largest exporter of blueberries and toothpicks.

Boston also peaked my sisters interest so we traveled down there and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. We visited Harvard, Cheers, saw the Public Gardens (which I can't wait to go back and enjoy more) and Fenway Park. Not bad for 20 degree windy weather! Erika did an amazing job navigating to our different destinations. Caroline would say "Bouncy!, Bouncy!" when the brakes were hit due to crazy Boston drivers. She also imitated the GPS when the lovely computer voice said "recalculating route" Caroline said, "cal corclating rout" or some such darling nonsense. It had us rolling with laughter.

Most memorable of all, my sisters were here for little Olive's blessing. We wish all of our family could have been here, but we loved that we had Corinne and Erika. The morning of was crazy with lots of unhappy wails from sweet Olive. She must have felt pretty special in her dress because she was calm and content all through her blessing and church.

Thanks for coming guys, it was fun to just relax and hang and THANK YOU for all the help! Come again soon.
And coming to a New England winter this Saturday....Grandma Mary and Grandpa Wayne! Keep 'em coming guys, let's keep this futon warm.


cuzimmom said...

How fun!!! I wish my sisters & I were that close. The most fun we've had is going through my Mom's house after she died recently & finding all the old cards, pictures, etc that funny old people save & save.
Are you guys getting dumped on with the snow storms where you are at? No one has said anything about being snowed in & not being able to go to law school out there.
Have a happy Valentine's day with your hubby. We will be thinking about you guys as we celebrated Sarah's birthday at Grandma's.

Corinne said...

I had so much fun...I may even get back on a plane and do it again later in the year. I said maybe.

I love you!

Gardner's said...

How are you gettiing so many visitors?? When we were away we were never this spoiled...you are loved!! However, I can't complain because you visited me probably the most second to my own mother!! You look beautiful in those blessing pictures (aren't you suppose to be sleep deprived and post partum-can't tell?) not fair!

Emily Snow said...

you guys don't look at all alike ;). and how on earth do you look so fit and thing after havin' that little babe? you look amazing. miss ya

Sarah Z said...

How nice that so many of your family has been able to come visit! I can't believe how cold it is there...how do you manage?!

LJ said...

SO fun!!