Sunday, December 18, 2011

{Shoe Party}

Usually a shoe party is given to some 40-something-year-old fashionista who has countless pairs of shoes.
Well, for our dear Olive, it was the only way to go this year for her birthday party!
Between wearing her own shoes, Caroline's shoes, and mommy's shoes, she has an overwhelming
amount that she feels need to be worn. 
When we are at home she changes her shoes at least 8-10 times a day, sometimes mismatched, and she finds so much joy in doing it.

Adam and I made the invite before we left D.C. so the colors totally don't match the party, but I thought I was going to go with some bright colors.
Those who know me though will not be surprised that I ended up using red as one of the main colors.
I am trying to branch out, but it's hard!
Usually I get so stressed out planning parties and getting all of the finishing touches together.  I don't know why, but this time I was totally relaxed and had just as much fun preparing as we did during the party. 
Caroline and Olive were so thrilled to help decorate and arrange things, we had a lovely time.
She was bursting with happiness all day, she knew something was up, and that it was all about her.
The decor was simple with accents of red, silver, and black.  Besides the sweet treats of cake, ice cream, and Peppermint Joe-Joe's (that I brought boxes of in my suitcase from D.C.), we had the strawberry topiary.
At the base of the topiary there was a dip of sour cream, sprinkled with brown sugar.
I am sure most of you have tried that delicious and simple delicacy, but it is an old family favorite of mine!
I found a pattern for paper shoes online and modified my favorite pom-poms to add a little
glitz to the toes.
"Olive" brand shoes were the cake topper, and they were made out of gumpaste. 
Luckily I watched a tutorial about a month in advance so I knew I needed at least 10 days to get the shoes made so they could dry.  The shoebox is just marshmallow fondant which I have loved working with since my first experience for Caroline's tea party.  It's super cheap to make and tastes way better than regular fondant.
Our girls have 9 boy cousins ranging in age from 1 to 13, so I decided to make two different age appropriate party favors.  For the older nephews, I just put some candy in a shoe.  Now, the shoe they didn't really care about, but they liked the candy.  I think little girls would die for a tiny paper shoe.
And for the younger ones, I just got some Melissa and Doug lace and trace animals because they came with a "shoe" lace.
Olive knew just what to do when the singing began.  Adam came in with the cake and she grabbed the cake tray and got ready to blow out the candles.  She has been carrying around fake candles for weeks and singing "Happy Birthday" to all of the family members.
She was showered with love and it was so nice being with everyone during such a magical season.  After opening each present she would give out a cute little gasp and slowly say, "Oh my mommy!"  She melted everyone's heart.
Besides being into shoes, she adores Mickey and Minnie Mouse.  She often wakes up and just sings, her favorite song being "The Wise Man Built His House Upon the Rock" with actions.  She is a little parrot and copies anything you say and do, especially what Caroline does. 
Her dance moves are originals and I don't know if anyone has cuter little hip shakes.  When we say goodnight and are shutting the door she always says, "Sleep well mommy" and it makes everyday worth all the work and any tantrum seem minute.  She adores dogs, nail polish, Cheerios, and leggings.
And darling Olive, we adore you sweet baby girl!


Brooke said...

Oh. My. Goodness. Are you kidding me? Cutest party ever. I love it! And Ben looked at the pictures with me and kept saying, "Look! It's Olla! And there's Olla again, and again!" He loved it too. Hope we can get some play dates in after we're settled. Liam told me today that he's going to miss Caroline the most from his Primary class. :(

The Winegar's said...

You need to go into the business of party planning. You have the best and most creative ideas. Little O DID melt your heart with "Oh my mommy". I loved it and love her.

Jake and Em said...

Wow! That is an adorable party!! We miss Olives contagious personality here! and of course the rest of you too!!!! :) Happy Birthday Olive!!

Sarah Z said...

You are the most perfect party planner. You have such cute themes and the execution is flawless. I bet Olive was in heaven. How fun! Happy 2nd Birthday!