Monday, June 21, 2010

Tea Party Birthday!

I loved throwing Caroline's birthday tea party.  I had been planning it for months and was so pleased that we could host the party in Utah with all of our family.  Everyone was in town and was able to come which hasn't happened in a long time.  I found the most incredible ideas here and had so much fun putting everything together.  I really wanted to have everyone dress up fancy, but I didn't think her 8 boy cousins would have loved that, so we passed.  I was lucky enough to have the party at my parent's home because 
my mom is a dish fanatic!  She had teacups from my great grandma and elsewhere that were perfect.

The entire menu was finger foods so that everyone could be dainty while enjoying their mini cupcake or fruit on a decorative toothpick.
The main reason I think I wanted to do a tea party is because of this cake.  I was in love when I saw it.  It was my first experience with fondant and it was intimidating to think about making it. 
I made marshmellow fondant which tastes way better than regular fondant, and after I made a really gross looking first cake, the second turned out like this.  Adam was so sweet to help me make the spout
and put on the handle.  I love that he enjoys being in the kitchen to help me with my often crazy ideas. 
Sweet, sweet Great Grandma Beckstrom.  Our girls are so lucky to be around her!
My cute sister with the happy birthday girl!
My cute grandmother, Gigi, wore her sweater with a big red heart on it.  She came out and said, "I know this is a Valentine's sweater, but I thought it was appropriate for the occasion.  I heart Caroline."  
She couldn't have said it better because I heart Caroline oh so much too!


Corinne said...

Such a fun party and you are so so amazing to pull it off! I loved every last bit of it! And I heart Caroline too!

Dan and Jen said...

What a cute idea! Everything looks amazing! Happy Birthday to Caroline!

Spencer Michelle and Elle said...

Andrea, what a darling party! That cake looked great and I loved the birthday baner!! I am sure Caroline loved her tea party.

The Hilton Family~ said...

What a darling party!! And that cake is amazing! Sounds like so much fun. I'm glad that you were able to have all your family around to celebrate. I love what your cute grandma said...she is so cute. Let's get together again soon :)

Halley said...

SO SO cute! I bet she was on cloud nine all day. I am with you on planning kid birthday parties... they are so fun! I can't wait to see what you come up with next year! :-)

Here And Happy! said...

Who can help but heart Caroline? I do! The party was perfect...down to every last toothpick.

LJ said...

darling! :)

Lohra said...

That's so sweet of you to read my blog to Gigi. I miss you guys! I wish I could be there while you're in Utah this summer.

Mary said...

It WAS such a fun party and can you believe it, you pulled it off with the darling cake, shaped finger food and the cute toothpics to hold it all together. It is one that we will all remember!!! I love Caroline too and can't believe she is 3.