Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Miss Caroline,
Today you are 3.
Today you weigh 31 pounds and are 38 inches tall
Today you love to communicate by singing, all day every day
Today you love your little sister, Olive, who you are so dear to
Today you love cheerios, life cereal, yogurt bites, taco soup, milk, and strawberries
Today you love to read with mom and dad and snuggle up to us
Today you describe things as "dewicious" and "so good"
Today it's hard to count how many times you say magical, wonderful, and oh wow
Today you are extremely observant and a keen listener
Today you are independent and say “I need some privacy” when going potty
Today you love to get dressed about 5 times a day and you do all the dressing yourself
Today you dance to music often, always taking a bow with 3 claps after
Today you like princesses, bubbles, and doing chalk
Today you are close to Whiskers your stuffed animal
Today you adore your friends and cousins
Today you can run fast, love to climb, and shake it off when you fall
Today you are sweet, very sweet
Today you have a quirky smile… nose scrunched, eyes barely open
Today you like to swim, collect special treasures, anything with your daddy, and always outside
Today you make people smile, on the street, everywhere we go
Today you are the highlight of my day!
I love you Miss Caroline, Happy Birthday sweetheart.


Adam B said...

Happy Birthday Sweet Caroline! I love you so much and I am so happy to be your dad. I can't believe we have known you for three whole years. Here's to many more years with my little sweetheart! Love, Daddy xoxo

Mary said...

I love you so very much and am amazed at all the things that you can do. You are a very smart cookie. I'm so happy that you can stay at our house for the summer so that I can take in all that you can do. Happy Birthday to a very special girl.

Nate and Di said...

Happy Birthday Caroline! We miss you!!

Sarah Z said...

How sweet was that?! What a good Idea to write her a letter for her to know what she loved at this age...can I copy that idea?!

Corinne said...

Happy birthday love. You are an amazing girl and I love your great big bear hugs. You make me so happy and I am so glad we get to hang out this summer. Love you lots!

The Hilton Family~ said...

Happy Birthday Caroline!! We hope you had a wonderful day :)
Amanda, Jack and Molly

Here And Happy! said...

Happy Birthday sweetness! It is such a happy time when we are shopping or waking through the zoo or enjoying you in a fashion show. I love dancing with you and singing with you and reading to you. Soon, you'll be reading to me! You are loved, loved, loved. None of us can help it.