Monday, June 7, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend

me  chandler  ally  hailey and all the sweet, sticky kids

Memorial Day Weekend was monumental.  We loved having bbq's with both of our families.  The food was divine!  Also, our little Beckstrom family was reunited with the mountains which was so refreshing!  We were able to go to our friend Ally's cabin up in Heber. 
This place is too amazing to even begin to describe.  From the log furniture outside that we ate dinner on, the boot collection upstairs, artwork everywhere, to the antique furniture inside.
Ally and I figured out that we had all of our elementary school classes together except for one.
6 out of 7, no wonder we have so many memories together.


cuzimmom said...

s like tons of fun!!! It was nice of you guys to bring the summer weather with you, too. When do us little people get to see you guys?

Here And Happy! said...

I'm so excited for more and more and more outings with your family! Looks like tons of fun. The mountains are just a gift...what else can they be?