Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Olive Mary {6 months}

We all just can't seem to get enough of our smiley bright eyed baby Olive.
I can't smooch her kissable thighs enough.
All who know her say 'she is the happiest baby'
Caroline often says in a high pitch voice to Olive "Oh chubby stuff!"
Loves all varieties of baby food and has stopped showering us with the food when she would blow out.
She can't get enough of her fists in her mouth, luckily we have a binky to stop the ever flowing drool.
She is still a speed eater and nurses in about 5 minutes.
If she had a choice she would love to sleep with a sleepmask.  If we put a baby sock over our tired little Olive's eyes she immediately relaxes into slumber.
Caroline makes her laugh the hardest with her silly dance moves and zerbert kisses on her face.


Mary said...

I can't believe she's six months already! She's so cute!!

Mary said...

She IS the happiest baby. Always smiling her cute smile and jabbering. She is going to be quite the talker.

Miranda said...

Thank you for the sweet comment. These little ones are such a blessing, aren't they! I'm so glad little Olive has joined you. She is adorable.

j and k said...

Are you kidding? Those eyes! Oh Olive is just precious. I think that is so sweet that she'll fall asleep with a baby sock over her did you figure that out? Caroline is too adorable! She looks like she's just joyful! Such a darling fam!

Ashley C. said...

oh my goodness. She is adorable!! Looks like you had such a fun time in utah, and with the wedding. Next time you are here I would LOVE to see you! I miss ya.

Your girls are sooooooo beautiful, just like their mama.

trine k said...

sheesh, such beautiful girls, I can't wait to see how much they'll stay looking like each other and how their little personalities will play it...these pictures and your last ones of Caroline made me miss you guys!! I know you're soaking up all you fun family times though, I love reading your posts that keep us updated!

Sarah Z said...

She has the cutest faces! let me tell you what I saw...a babyhat with a sleeping mask attached that just pulls down over their eyes! Never seen it before, but thought it was a good you need to get Olive one! We still on for Monday?

LJ said...

love...and more love. :)
see you next week?

Here And Happy! said...

Please forward all digital prints to! We couldn't have prettier granddaughters if we'd designed them ourselves! How lucky we are. The weekend has already been grand and there's more to come! Can't wait to see you all again tomorrow.