Thursday, June 3, 2010

Getting ready for the Salt Lake reception was busy but a lot of fun.  It was at my parents home and it turned out beautifully.  We just have loved coming into town and then having a chance to see ALL of our family.  Many came from out of town so we got to see extended family as well!

The kids had a great time eating their food under the sign in table, watching the quartet play, and Liam and Caroline especially liked licking the frosting off of the mini cupcakes and then placing them back on the trays.  It wasn't hard to figure out who was doing that cause their mouths were lined with cocoa frosting.

Uncle Scott stayed at my parents house which Adam and I were so excited about.  Life is always a PARTY when he is around!  He has been a tease ever since I was little and we love when he comes in town from Wisconsin!
Grandma and Grandpa Beckstrom enjoying some baby Olive time!


Scott said...

Hey when is the next party? I'll be there!

Mary said...

I loved every minute of it!! It WAS so fun having everyone there and all the festivities. With you here, it's like a party every day.

Dan and Jen said...

So, your girls are beautiful! I love Caroline's little wrinkled up nose when she smiles. And Corinne's boys are pretty much some of the most handsome boys I've ever seen! Grandma and Grandpa Winegar must be VERY proud! And how fun to see a picture of GG.

I've never heard of Pat's BBQ. We'll have to put it on the list of places to go. Hope you have a great visit!

Moss said...

That picture of Olive is Adorable! She is too cute. We need to get together now that you are in town. We are in Provo but we could meet up half way. Call me when you get a chance!