Monday, May 31, 2010

If you want some good eats, head to Pat's Barbeque.  
Yes, when you pull up you will wonder where the restaurant is because
it looks ghetto! 
You will also be curious as to why someone recommended to go there,
or why it has received awards.
Just park and walk inside, well, then walk through the still sketchy halls and sit down at your table.
Then lick your lips and try not to drool as you indulge in the tastiest ribs in Utah!

Our Pat's BBQ visit was a reunion with the rest of the cousins.  Since Justin (Corinne's husband) and the other 3 boys couldn't make it to California, this was the first place Caroline saw her other sweet cousins.  Also, the boys were so excited to meet Olive!
We all ate here the night before Clark and Kate's Salt Lake reception.


Lohra said...

Ah! I'm so sad I couldn't be there! Hope you're enjoying Salt Lake!

Here And Happy! said...

It's just the very best gift ever to have you in Utah for the summer. We are LOVIN' it!