Thursday, May 20, 2010

Well we made it safe and sound to our old stomping ground...Salt Lake! It has been non-stop busy since we left Concord. Traveling went really smoothly and the girls did great. The only flaw in the travel time was that Adam lost his wedding ring in security at the airport. He called, they don't have it, but I love him more so than ever before so who needs the ring, right? Well, I guess we can be a little sad.
We traveled first to San Francisco (I heart that place!) to go to my little brother's wedding to his beautiful bride, Kate. What a great place to reunite with the family! The weekend was absolutely perfect, pics to come soon. This week has been full of seeing family and friends and getting ready for the Utah reception. It has meant A LOT of organizing at my parents house, which I LOVE.
Other things I love about being in Utah, and then things I have not loved so much are...
Loving- Being with family and letting them love and cuddle sweet Olive and hear Caroline's cute little nasaly voice. I want them to know all of our amazing family members.

Not loving- The constant blood shot allergy eyes that weep, my nose that is running non-stop, and the sneezing that won't cease! Blast the cute cat, who I have to say is named "Kitty". No other named fit 13 years ago.

Loving- Having a dishwasher, washer and dryer IN the house, garbage disposal, recycling and garbage cans, cement sidewalks, a yard for Caroline to run and dance in, a bathtub!

Not loving- Feeling like I am pre 16 again and having to schedule when I can use the car or get a ride. I really can't complain though cause my mom has been the greatest Taxi driver who likes to buy her riders lunch!

Loving- Living with my grandmother (who lives at my parents). She is incredible and I hope to go on a walk down the block with her everyday. And being close Adam's sweet, couragous mother who is fighting breast cancer.

Not loving- How much we miss our dear friends in the Shire. We have grown so close to them and love all they have done for us the past year. We hope all is well back at our home!

Loving- Everyday being around my knitting, crocheting, sewing, singing, piano playing dear mother! I am excited to take advantage of all her sweet skills.

and most of all...Loving- I see Adam sooo much more and get to have a lot more stress free time each day. These days of summer are going to be most cherished.


Katie Bell said...

So glad that everything is going well for you guys!! We miss you! Rhyen asks if Caroline is coming back everyday! lol Enjoy Utah and family! See ya in Aug!!!

Emily Snow said...

so when do i get to see you? call me when life calms down. we could do a picnic or something with kids

Jamilyn said...

You guys are in Utah, I'm in Utah...

This is going to be a fun summer. :)

Blake said...

We're so glad you're here!