Thursday, July 1, 2010

Please your palate

A couple of weeks ago all of the Winegar girls, including our darling new addition Kate (Clark's wife), and the nephews went to lunch at a little cafe called Mini's.  It's a mini cupcake shop that also has amazing sandwiches.  I had Leslie's favorite: Fresh Mozzarella, roasted Red Peppers, Field Greens with a pesto and balsamic Vinegar Spread...can you say yum!?  And my cupcake choice, well the cupcake of the day was Key Lime and all sold out, so I went for the Chocoholic.  Yes, I have a problem and I am the first to admit it.

Mini's Cupcakes

The vintage outdoor rocking chairs and checkers table helped us to just sit back and enjoy the breezy, sunny summer day.

That same week, Adam and I, along with our parents, all went out to an incredible Japanese Restaurant: Koko's Kitchen.  It is a cozy little place and my mouth waters as I am thinking about the food which was sensational!  Both of our father's went to Japan on their missions and it was fun to hear about the variety of foods they ate, blowtorching slugs in the shower, and how the missionaries ate chicken feed (moogi in Japanese) for breakfast.  I truly love both of our parents so much.  They have eached sacrificed to have us live with them once throughout our marriage and we have been lucky to not only make without problems, but to actually really enjoy it.
(When I told someone that in New Hampshire they asked where the halo was over my head, they didn't believe that I liked it.)  
It was so fun to dine over sushi and katsu don and hear our dad's laughing about different quirky cultural differences.


Mary said...

That was so, so fun to get together. The sandwiches, decadent cupcakes and being together was the best. I just hope Mini's recovered from the Winegar clan being there.

Here And Happy! said...

That was such a great evening with the six of us eating Japanese. We are lucky people to be able to count our son's in-laws as friends! They are generous and open with everything they wonder you turned out so well <3