Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Date Night Times 2

I so look forward to date nights with Adam.  I love the anticipation of just knowing we get to go out and do something besides just be at home.  It's so nice to make the effort to go and be together, even if it's just on a run.
We discovered this month how special date nights with our little girls are as well.  We took each one out individually and it was fun to be with just one of their adorable little personalities on each date.

Caroline had wished (on the turkey wishbone) that she could go see the Nutcracker.  She loves the music and is always dancing to it.  Well, Adam surprised us and got the three of us tickets.  Santa left them on the doorstep as an early Christmas gift.  Caroline was jumping up and down when she picked them up from outside.

On the way to the show a couple of weeks later, Caroline said, "We should call Santa and thank him for the Nutcracker tickets."  We adore her grateful little heart.
During the show she couldn't wait to see the Mouse King and Mother Buffoon.  She kept trying to whisper, in her one volume voice, "Is that the Mouse King?" anytime a mouse came out dancing.
She was so into it and clapped whenever people did, it was the most energetic little clap!
When the Sugar Plum Fairy came out she said in awe, "Wow!" and just gazed at her.  The dancing truly did give me the chills, they make it look effortless.
I told her that I tried out for the Nutcracker twice and never made it, but that it was ok.  She said, "That is ok mom, you just need to keep practicing!"  I hope that she remembers her own wise words when things don't go her way, and also that even with more practicing, it sometimes just doesn't work out.

Tonight she said that for her birthday she wants toe shoes, I hope she can be really patient because that won't be for a while.  She lasted for almost the entire show.  At the end, she was leaning over her seat to hold her Mike & Ike's up to the light to see what color they were before she ate them.
We had such a fun time with our little (growing up at lightning speed) care bear.
Olive got to hit the town with mom and dad and head to Zoo Lights.  Caroline had already gone another night with my family when I was home hugging the toilet with the flu.
We went with Adam's family and we loved letting Olive just walk all over looking like the kid from "A Christmas Story" all bundled up. 
She really wanted to talk to this gingerbread girl, but she just kept staring at her and wasn't responding to Olive.
We rode the carousel and she chose to ride on the zebra.  She is way into playing with model animals right now.  She especially loves the horses and the zebras.  Whenever she plays with them she makes them gallop and says, "Ride horsey ride!"  She didn't disappoint that night as the carousel moved around she said, "Ride horsey ride!"
It was FREEZING, but she was so happy and walked most of the time.  She basically thinks she is ready to move out on her own and always says, "I do it myself."  She adores any independence that she feels she has!
This picture I love because she is laughing at herself here and saying, "haha Olive is funny!" and then chuckles more.
She is such a lovable, animated doll. 

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The Winegar's said...

That's a fun tradition you've started - date night with each of the girls. It looks like they enjoyed the activity and the one on one time with mom and dad. :)