Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Building some holiday cheer

A couple of years ago when we lived in New Hampshire, there was not a whole lot to do right in Concord during the winter with Caroline and a brand new baby.  We discovered a wonderful gem at Lowe's, a kids craft that they let the kids build every other Saturday morning.
We were regulars and Caroline constructed all sorts of wooden projects like a transformer, mini basketball hoop, jewelry holder, and more.
Home Depot also does the kids craft, but they only do it the first Saturday of every month.
We have not been for quite a while, but we went here in Utah and it was a hit!
Every child gets an apron (at Lowe's or Home Depot) that they wear during the project.  (At Lowe's they also got work goggles that looked adorable on little 2-year-old Caroline's face.)
After each project they do, they get a pin or a patch that you can put on the apron to represent each project.
You get a kit with all of the wooden pieces, the small nails or screws, and often stickers.
Then the kids get to work putting it all together.
This project was a snowman napkin holder.
At Home Depot they provide paint to finish your project.  We used to just take them home and have a fun painting project for later!
It is kind of nice to keep the mess at the store though :)  The girls were quite excited about their pink snowmen.
Santa happened to be visiting last time and Caroline let him know that she and Olive would like some Tinker toys and a Barbie.
Hopefully little Olive and Caroline can continue to be little dolls and their wishes will come true!


The Winegar's said...

We should go to Lowes this Sat. I think that is a great thing that they do! The girls really got into making their napkin holders. I had to be real careful to let Caroline do it HER way. It's their project, you know......LOL

Sarah Z said...

how fun! I had no idea they did it free? So how long are you in UT for? Any chance for a get together?