Thursday, December 8, 2011

Festival of Trees

The holidays just get me giddy.  Not just the Christmas holiday season but every holiday!  It's nice during the Christmas season though, that there are so many festive and delightful things to do.
The Festival of Trees is a favorite, especially with kids.  My sister and two of her boys came, our sister-in-law Kate, and me and the girls. 
We were just mesmerized over some of the trees and gingerbread houses.
The Up tree had us stop dead in our tracks.  I just loved how colorful and bright it was (sorry it's a bit blurry.)
The girls kept going for all of the pink and sparkly trees, and Olive continued to walk under the chain to pick up some of the toys that went with the trees...dress up shoes, M&M's, Barbie's.
I think she thought we were at some sort of incredible toy shop with everything within her reach.
Looking at the gingerbread houses is so inspiring and you can get some really good ideas of what to add to your own.
Now, the National Capital building is not one that gave me a whole lot of ideas, but just had us in awe!
The same group did this Madagascar one and we were wondering who is this group!?  They have some serious skills.
Caroline loved this one because she has already assigned our family to dress up like them next Halloween.
I don't know if that's going to happen, but it's a sweet idea!
The Tangled tower blew us away with the purple licorice roof, the detailed grass and candy stones.
The Kids Korner was full of little crafts and activities for the kids to do.  The giant bubble encasing booth was a hit.  Kids would try to blow a bubble from the giant bubble.  Caroline tried a few times and was blowing so hard, but just couldn't get a bubble out.
Both of the girls got manicures and Olive took it very seriously.  She kept saying, "Nail polish mommy!  Nail polish!"  And she didn't want me to wash her hands the rest of the day. She would say, "No, polish" because she thought it would wipe off.
This is the most still I have ever seen her sit.
This was the perfect event to lift our spirits after Adam left for D.C. to finish the semester.  I was in a total funk and couldn't shake it.  Thanks Corinne and Kate for the best day!


Corinne said...

I just found out that the "women's timpanogas facility" is the women's correctional center. Now I am glad we wouldn't qualify to join their group :)!

The Winegar's said...

Those trees and gingerbread houses are incredible!! There is some serious talent.