Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another little Sparkler

A few months ago, I picked Adam up from the metro and this greeted him in his seat:
Not only did I find out that lovely day that we were expecting, but the due date was estimated for Independence Day, my favorite holiday!

So, we were giddy about the news, and then the next week I had some spotting.  I had a mix of strange emotion and feelings.  I was of course sad again at the thought of what was possibly happening, but I thought, well if it's going to happen, now is better than at 3 months along.
I called some dear friends who took the girls because I was advised to go to the ER.  I wsa 5 weeks and 5 days at this point. 

Adam and I had actually a good time during all the waiting in the ER.  Have you looked at Vogue magazine lately?  It was hilarious seeing all of the people they say are models, we just didn't get it.
Blood work, ultrasound, more waiting later, they thought that things looked fine due to a healthy yolk sac. It was too early to see a heartbeat.  They also found a small cyst that had ruptured and thought that was part of the bleeding, as well as residual from the summer D&C. 

The next step was follow up in two days.  I went to this new doctor who was kind of difficult to understand.  He didn't think that drawing an HCG level was of any help (but this is what can help you know early on if things are progressing or have stopped).  It should have doubled in 48 hours. 
After he saw the desperation in my face, he said to draw the lab.  Then the nurse said she already had included it with the bloodwork.  This guy was killing me!
Then as I was leaving he said, "If you want things to be good with this pregnancy, then just think good thoughts, it will be ok."  My first thought was, "Are you friekin' kidding me!?"  I might be having another miscarriage and that is your advice!? 
Later though, I actually found comfort in his simple statement.  I kept trying to think good thoughts.

Well, the spotting stopped, then we ended up leaving for Utah a week earlier than planned.  The nurse called that Friday and said the HCG had doubled!  I was so grateful.
At the airport though, more spotting came and it seemed like it was a more serious problem. 
All I could do was get back on the plane in Chicago and continue to Utah and think good thoughts.
At this point, the good thoughts were really sparse.

Time went on and luckily my sister works on Labor and Delivery. I knew I could go check what was going on in a couple of weeks.  I waited because I wanted to have a for sure yes or no of how things were.  It is really tricky to hear a heartbeat on my babies early on.  I had felt sick, but Olive had been ill and I thought I just had an adult mild case of what she had.
At 9.5 weeks I went up to visit my sister.  I had not let my hopes soar high, I was trying to be realistic and had almost talked myself into things not being good.
Then my sister says, "There it is, there is the heartbeat!"  I looked and could not believe it, I was so surprised and beyond excited.
She grabbed one of the doctors who measured the baby and the little peanut was growing right on schedule.

Immediately I felt so connected with this little one, and we have had another ultrasound and I was 12 weeks and the happy little one was bouncing around in my tummy.  I also think there was a wave to Adam with the little arm. 

Ice cream sounds good, sometimes egg sandwiches, I am blowin' up here people.  Bring it on and bring on the sickness because we are thrilled to be having a baby!  It has been the best Christmas gift to us.  It has also been a strong feeling with Adam and I that his dear mom is helping our little ones not give any more false starts!  The timing has been so tender.
Hooray for 13 weeks!!


Michelle said...

Hooray!!!! I've been wondering how the appointment went. So glad that all is well! :) what a relief, eh?

Erica Huff said...

Congratulations! Glad things are going well.

Jones said...

Congrats!! That was supposed to be my birthday, but I came 2 days early :)Liam has been asking about Caroline, and preschool...see you guys soon!

Nate and Di said...

This makes my heart so happy. We are so happy for your family!

nate&amanda said...

YAY!!!! What could be better than more Beckstroms? We are so happy for you!

Sarah Z said...

'Hooray for 13 weeks' is right! I am glad this one's a keeper! Congratulations

The Mechams said...

What a ride, but so happy for you guys!!! Can't wait to see what this little sparkler is going to be like.

Jill T said...

CONGRATULATIONS!!! My goodness I should have checked your blog before I called you last week! I've been a major slacker at keeping up. I miss you. We have MUCH to chat about when you get home! Maybe you're here already??? Let's get together soon!

Morgan & Geoff said...

So happy for you guys!

J said...

Andrea this is great news! So excited for you guys. Will it be another girl.....or a boy this time?!