Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Welcome to New York!

We finished up our time in Slc with a bang.  I am still wondering where 3 weeks went.
Adam and I had a way fun dinner in Park City and I think I enjoyed waiting to eat and playing tic-tac-toe more than my salmon and beignets. :)
The zoo was impressive, Hogel Zoo has really stepped it up!  The tigers were very active all up and digging around and pawing at their toys.  The carousel was a hit with all the kids of course.
Walking on the moon at the planetarium was fun for C, Liam, and Olive.  I love how Liam and Caroline have the exact same expression which was totally not prompted.  Olive is giving a shout out to the astronaut.
And we couldn't get enough of cousin time, here are 5 of the 9 boy cousins.  Mmwah!  We miss you already boys.

We made it and it feels good to be settled again for the second time in 3 weeks!  The travel went without a hitch.  It was worth the l.o.n.g. delay when we traveled to Salt Lake to get this sweet travel day to New York.  On our second leg of the flight, the plane was practically empty.  Adam and I each took one little sweetie pie and took a row each.  They didn't sleep, but they had room to just be, and just being was nice.  I may have even snuck in a little cat nap which was a nice surprise.
Caroline and Olive were a delight to travel with.  Little C brought Whiskers, her little kitty, and made sure she was safe the entire day.  She even buckled Whiskers in with her on the airplane and carried the kitty in her "pouch" whenever she walked somewhere.

Once we arrived in New York we rented a car so that we could get all of our luggage to our place.  Our GPS ran out of battery on our way, but luckily my many times of watching the movie Elf came in handy and we just followed signs to the Lincoln Tunnel.  When Adam asked how I knew how to go that way, I said, "Cause that's what Buddy does.....'and then I walked through the Lincoln Tunnel'."
It was so nice to have a car because we made two trips to Target to stock up on all of things we could think of that we will need for the next 11 weeks.  It took two trips because Caroline and I went on one trip together while Olive slept at home with Daddy.  The carts were beyond full and I was carrying a big box of diapers in my hand.  It was then time to check out.  It felt good to get all of that done in one day!

The next day was Sunday and we walked along Central Park two and a half miles to get to church.  It was a nice cool day and it was exciting to explore our new city.

Caroline and Olive went on their first subway ride and C couldn't have been more thrilled.  Now she begs to go on it everyday.
(blurry sorry, moving trains aren't conducive to good pics)
Let the exploring continue!  More coming soon...


Sarah Z said...

Glad you're there safe! That is SO funny about finding your way around thanks to Buddy the Elf!!

Lauren Stuart and Madeline Jane said...

What an adventure you guys are going to have. I am sad that NY didn't work out for the summer but I am sure you guys are going to have a blast!

Love you guys and miss you!

The Cannons said...

Your little Caroline has such a vivacious little personality. You can see it jump out of the pics. Adorable little family you have midear. How fun to be in new York for a couple of weeks. Can't wait for another uPdate.

Lohra said...

Oh man! I can't believe I missed you guys! I wanted to see you while you were here. Over so soon. Enjoy New York, maybe I'll just have to come out and visit. :) :) :)

Here And Happy! said...

Oooh, miss you already! Hurray for rental cars and Buddy the Elf. We're looking forward to our visit, in just a few short weeks. Smooches all around.

Jake and Em said...

Glad to hear you made it safely and are already enjoying the city!! I'll send you some of our fav spots!!

Dan and Jen said...

I love your Buddy the Elf navigational skills. That's awesome! I haven't been back to NY since 6th grade. Remember our first trip on the subway (that was so against the rules). I would love to go back there again. Have a great summer! It looks like you are off to a terrific start.

And Caroline's birthday party looked darling! What a fun idea! Dan's family has the reverse situation. We have 10 girls +one more on the way, three boys and one unknown (yet thought to be a girl). Why haven't we ever had a jewel party? That would be perfect!