Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Clark and Kate visit!

The week before we left to come to Utah, my brother and his cute wife came out to visit!  We are so glad that they were able to come and celebrate Clark graduating from business school!  The girls couldn't get enough of their fun aunt and uncle.  
If Clark and Kate were ever not around, Caroline would say, "Mom, I just want to play with them every minute."  They are really fun to have around and I was feeling the same way as Caroline.

It was a busy week preparing to pack our home up and with Adam in finals, but we managed to pack in some fun exploring.  They went to Gettysburg on the day that Caroline had her follow-up doctor appointment from her surgery.  
The following day we went to Arlington Cemetery and enjoyed walking around in the warm rain.  Adam had his last final of year two in law school and then we got to sightsee all together!  We had a picnic by the White House and we stayed a very.long.time.  All of us kept commenting on how nice it was to just be.  To just sit in the weather that is so perfect that you can't feel anything on your skin.  It was not too cold, and not too hot.  
Having Adam fully there with NO tests weighing on his shoulders and looming over him was the BEST!  
We are so proud of our daddy and how hard he works and also how much he does for us.

Olive had us laughing until tears were streaming down our faces with all of her silliness.  Clark and Kate especially loved her chin down to her chest and glare up at you face.  I have yet to catch it on camera.
If you want a workout, forget running or yoga, just go to the tidal basin by the Jefferson Memorial and get on a paddle boat.  Our legs were burning trying to get through those white caps.  Ok, so it doesn't look that rough, but it was windy!  We were so happy that we didn't get stuck.
While the girls napped the rest of the gang went to the Library of Congress, the Capitol Building, and saw the place where the  House and the Senate meet.  We had fun at museums and riding the merry-go-round on the mall.  
When I dropped them off in Old Town, it was so fun to say, "See you next week!"  
We can't wait for more fun in Utah!


The Winegar's said...

Yes, Clark and Kate ARE fun to have around! You guy too!! I'm so glad that they got to go back there and that you all had a fun time together. I'm also glad that you are here now for a little bit too.

Kate said...

We had such a fun time. Thanks again for graciously letting us stay with you during such a crazy time!

Kate said...

We had such a fun time. Thanks again for being so awesome and having us during such a crazy time!