Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Boy Oh Boy! A Mustache Bash

This baby shower was so much fun to plan.  It was for a dear friend and doors-touching neighbor Miranda.  She is having her second little boy this summer.  I loved getting to help plan it with the creative party planners Brooke and Amy.

Here is most of the gang donning our finest staches.  Turns out it was pretty natural to keep that stache in place.  They just kept finding their way to the place right under our nose.
We did a milk and cookies spread which was very fun to dine on.  Luckily we had some fruit kabobs to help even out the sugar rush!
The clear jugs were perfect for the colorful types of milk.  
Are you drooling over the cookies yet?  Well, if you had tried the homemade oreo cookies you would have for sure.  Gooey, soft, chocolatey, creamy goodness.
We had blocks for baby Eliot that everyone was able to paint little pictures on.  I am so far from an artist, but it was so fun to do these!
"Name that Stache" was a little trickier than we thought, but someone did get them all right.  We had ten different famous staches to guess.  Do you see any you recognize?
We also had people give us a baby picture of themselves or their hubby so we could try to guess everyone.  I love seeing pics of friends when they are little.  Can you find me or my darling Mr. Beckstrom?
Since the mother-of-two-boys-to-be has all of the boy clothes she could ask for, we decided to pamper her with a day to the spa from the group.  Doesn't that sound divine!?
All of the guests left with their stache in hand, some leftover cookies, and a mustache cookie cutter for a favor.  


The Winegar's said...

What a fun party!!! Of course it was helped plan it. I bet Miranda LOVED it!

Jill T said...

You are all so creative! Wow! Looks like so much fun.

Sarah Z said...

I didn't think it had been that long since I read your blog, but I had a few posts to catch-up on! I think that is the most creative baby shower I have ever heard of! Sounds like a blast! Can't wait to see you next week...what's the plan?

Amy Souza said...

i am so thankful to have found this....i am planning a mustache baby shower as well....did you make your mustaches? or purchase them? i would love to know.....cheers.

Erin said...

I'm planning a mustache baby shower as well. I've been stressing over how to present the milk...I love how you did it! Where did you get the bottles? Thanks!

Nicole Heinlein said...

Adorable party! Where did you get the mustache patterns? I'd love to know! Thanks so much!