Thursday, May 19, 2011

A Dazzling Jewel Party

I should have known that when I took this picture of Caroline when she was 2 and all glitzed up, that one day she may beg for a jewel party.  In a month she turns 4 and has been talking about a jewel party for almost a year.  She has also been praying about it for about a week, "Please bless my jewel party.."
We had the party early so we could celebrate with all of our family before we leave for New York on Saturday.  It is funny that it was a jewel party and she has 9 boy cousins!  They were able to enjoy the sparklies too though.
We kept the menu simple with a jewel cake, ice cream, and pink frosted cupcakes with gems on them.
There was a table set up so guests could get fancy for the event.  Most of the real jewelry came from my wonderful grandmother Gigi.  She has some serious jewels and pulled them off well when she used to wear them!

To help all of the boys get involved we did a treasure/jewel hunt in the backyard.  They loved the gold coins, ring pops, and even the rings that were the booty!
Caroline was overjoyed at the sight of the big gem on the cake.  She hasn't stopped carrying the gem around since the party.
Caroline with another big jewelry lover, Gigi.  Gigi was sad because she forgot to wear her "firecracker" earrings.  We were just so glad she was at the party!!

Jamilyn and Nathan had just rolled into town looking very dapper.  I was so glad that they got into the fancy feeling of the party.

Even some of the guys got into getting glammed up.  
(J please don't hate me for posting this awesome pic :) )
Joyful Olive had an assortment of bangles on all night.  She is following right behind her big sis in the jewel loving department.

I loved being here to have the party with family, they are unbelievable to be around.  Thanks everyone for coming and for frosting yourselves for this very special event!


Evelyn said...

Caroline is so cute! I love the theme of the party and the fact that Caroline has always been such a girlie girl! =D

Kristen Gardiner said...

Adorable. You always have such awesome ideas for parties, Andrea. I feel like I should hire you so you can impress guests when I'm hosting functions.

The Winegar's said...

What fun pictures of everyone with their "bling" on. That was a fun party and as I said you should go into the business. Happy early birthday, Caroline.

Here And Happy! said...

Justin looks splendid should be apologizing to ME! Ha ha. What a fabulous party ("fabulous" is a fancy word for perfect!)So glad to share in the celebration.

Sarah Z said...

You are such a fun mom! I wish I was half as creative as you are! I bet Caroline was in heaven!!! It was so good to see you. Love the girls' dresses...

The Mechams said...

So can you do MY next birthday party. That looked like so much fun!!!! Happy birthday sweet girl!

LJ said...

cutest thing I've ever seen! And as adorable as the decor and treats are, it's caroline that makes every pic!