Saturday, May 28, 2011

Fleet Week

Week 1 has been a total success.  The transition could not have gone smoother which was so pleasing to Adam and I.  Our girls have been sleeping like rockstars, poor things are just probably so exhausted from everything, but they have taken it in stride.  
I have been brought to tears several times this week.  Not because things are hard, not because I was lost, and not because I just stepped in the gutter full of nasty smelling water with my sandal on.  No, it's been because people have been so nice to us!  People have offered to help me get down into the subway so many times.  The first time it was two ladies and they must have thought I needed some medication to help control my emotions.  I tried to thank them through my choked up voice, and they smiled and got what I was trying to say.  I guess I have been sweetly surprised that people in this bustling city take the time out to help someone.  
I have made the trek down the steps into the subway many times with Olive in one arm, our stroller in the other hand, and Caroline following behind.  We do it, but yes it is so nice to have the stroller in someone else's hands and both my girls in mine.

This week was fleet week which is held to honor the U.S. Navy and Marine Corps.  Ships from all over the world visit New York Harbor each fleet week.  The Harbor is also where Lady Liberty stands and it was refreshing to see her again.  Seeing the Statue of Liberty is like seeing the monuments in D.C., it never gets old.  The girls and I hung out at Battery Park and enjoyed watching the ships sail past through the water.  They were spraying huge streams of water from a lot of the ships too, which the girls loved.
Here is the U.S.S. New York, with a tiny shot of Lady Liberty on the left.

At the park, they had a little tot zone where there were lots of toys for the children to play with.  It was so nice to be outside and have huge soft blocks, dress-ups, and bouncing toys to play with.  

There was a story time at the end too on the lawn.  The parks here are so cool, and I was worried we would have to search for things to do with kids!
New York has totally proven me wrong in more ways than one.


The Winegar's said...

I love the expression on that girls face looking at Olive pose. I'm glad that things are going so well and that people have been so nice.

Here And Happy! said...

NYC looks like the city of joy! Those little faces are literally glowing with it. And we were so worried...may NY continue to fill you with happy surprises.

j and k said...

Loving the blog updates! What an adventure you guys are on. You live an exciting and DARLING life! I loved the jewel party. Oh my are the cutest mom Ever Spam!