Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The MoMA

Last weekend was glorious.  No big plans were made, but things just fell into place nicely and we stayed occupied with some fun events.
On Friday I went with a friend to the Museum of Modern Art.  She had a pass, so I was able to get in with her without waiting in the line that was out the door, and I didn't have to pay $20.  Passes are only $75 and children are always free.  I am so tempted to get a pass even though we will only be here for the summer.  I think we would use it a lot.
They have a new children's area that was brilliant.  There is a brand new art program where the children use real paintbrushes and they get to paint right on the special computer screen.  They get to pick different brushes on the program, colors, and they can enlarge their canvas.  It's all of the divine highlights of painting, without the mess!  Caroline and her friend, Balthazar, sat and did this quietly forever. 
Can I order one of these right now please!?  For the airplane rides, road trips, and so I can cook dinner?
The docent said it's not out to buy yet, but I will for sure be anxiously waiting.
Olive spent most of her time at the light table where she just stacked all of the different materials there were to touch and explore.  All of the kids loved the watercolor filled blocks.  They stacked them, built houses and enjoyed them on the light table as well.
If you are there during lunchtime, I highly recommend the Cafe 2 on the second level.  They are totally 
kid friendly and have a kids menu.  My tomato, carrot and chickpea soup was also divine.

Outside in the courtyard there is a very soothing sculpture garden and fountains.  There is lots of shade and seating so that you can sit, relax, and enjoy your ice cream cone that you can buy out in the garden.  

I am relaxed just thinking about it again.  You can bet we will go back there.

p.s. if you are planning a trip, it is randomly closed on Tuesdays.


Here And Happy! said...

This place looks miraculous! Everybody should have that program!!! Especially kindergarten teachers. Oh, I can't wait can't wait can't WAIT to visit...does C really have a friend named "Balthazar"? Incredible.

The Winegar's said...

WOW, that computer program would be FABULOUS!! Those blocks are pretty sweet too. Anything to hold a child's attention for so long. The girls look darling as ever. Keep the updates coming. It's so good to see what you all are up to.

The Cannons said...

I totally understand crying when people are nice. Sometimes it shocks you when you live in a somewhat hostile environment(d.c. and the East coast in general:-). I've cried at Costco twice because once a lady let me go in front of her because all I was buying were saltines for my sick prego self and another time when a lady stood up for me when another mean lady pushed my cart out of line. I'm glad people are taking care of you in the big apple and that you are as emotional as me:-)