Sunday, November 30, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Five

1. Adam braved the cold and skipped out on sleep on Black Friday and was able to get the computer and a few other things that we wanted all at doorbuster prices at Best Buy!

2. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at the Beckstrom's and that there were so nice to have my brother Clark and cousin Dave over too.

3. All of Adam's fingers still work this year after an intense Turkey Bowl with family and friends...that is all of his fingers but his pointer that he shattered a few years ago on thanksgiving day.

4. I had a LONG weekend with my family and we listened to christmas music and put up holiday decorations!

5. We were lucky enough to help out with the Thanksgiving feast by cooking a second turkey to supplement the big bird cooked by my mother-in-law. We thought we would be adventurous and brine the turkey the night before in a solution of salt, sugar, pepper, and water. We highly recommend this technique as both turkeys turned out delicious...isn't food the best!

This list could and probably should be many, many items longer what with it being thanksgiving weekend, but in the sake of time we will leave it at five. Just know that we have much to be grateful for this holiday season.


The Hilton Family~ said...

I am glad that you had a great holiday!! Way to go Adam on getting out there early for the shopping!! I hope that we can get together soon!!

One Day At A Time said...

We loved your company too. Thanks for doing the "other" turkey--we needed it! I love the holidays with family and friends. Caroline should call me and say "vegetables" at least once a day. It's the cutest ever!