Sunday, November 16, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Five

1- Speaking in church is over!...and went well. Right before it was my turn to speak, Caroline spotted Adam and I on the stand, pointed to us and loudly said, "HI!" It was so sweet and it calmed my nerves completely.
2- Caroline has the best grandparents that took care of her while mommy and daddy and spoke! Thanks to all of you for coming, it meant so much to us.
3- Caroline and Adam spent some quality time at the Colorado Springs Zoo. They got to see the largest captive giraffe herd in the world, with 19 giraffes. The giraffes were face to face with them!
4- Caroline sat through an entire Sacrament Meeting...well stayed occupied I should say! Adam only had to go out to fill her sippy cup. It was very exciting! Does anyone have any good tips and ideas on how to keep toddlers busy during Sacrament Meeting? We would love to hear them!
5- Last week was our brother-in-law's birthday, Justin, and our sweet nephew's Nicholas and Andrew turned 8 and 10! We love all of you so much...Happy Birthday!


The Cannons said...

Here's my tip and it might be naughty. I take my digital camera to sacrament meeting and mute it. We watch all the movies we had shot through out the week and check out all the pictures too. Sadie will sit forever when we whip that thing out. It's a reverence gem. I am coming in town Dec 17th and I think we should have a knitting/crocheting night. I can totally teach you how to make the hat if you want.

One Day At A Time said...

Try finding a few engaging toys that Caroline only sees at church. I know attention span changes about every two minutes. I love the digital camera idea! Too bad you can't shrink the lappie!