Friday, November 7, 2008

Friday's Fabulous Five

1- On Wednesday I got to be home ALL day with my sweet family, in the cozy, cozy snow. Adam and I watched a chick flick in front of the fire and drank hot cocoa. Blissful and dreamy!
2- The UTES beat TCU in the last few minutes of the game. It was so exciting and now we are 10-0!
3- Work was rewarding today and all of the patient's left saying they felt "a little bit better".
4- Our sweet friends, the Ribgy's, had their new baby Madeline. Congratulations!
5- We got to watch our darling nephews Wed. night. Liam and Caroline were so cute together and played peek-a-boo behind the Lovesac. They kept giggling over and over. Also, when Caroline says "giggle, giggle" it is hilarious. She also loves to say "tickle, tickle" and tickle the crease of my knees.


Holly said...

What is it with kids and tickling? They always love tickling. Maybe it's just because adults always tickle them. Emma seems to think (despite me constantly telling her otherwise) that people's eyes are ticklish. Yea, I don't know where she learned that. I'd much rather have her tickle behind the knees. =)

The Hilton Family~ said...

the snow falling outside, watching a movie in front of the fire seriously sounds so wonderful! I am totally loving the the Fri. fab. five!! it is such a good way to sum up the activities of the week!

Dan and Jen said...

I love Gardner Village. Could Caroline be any cuter? She is so darling! I love her little pig tails poking out of her Incredibles mask-your costumes were great.

I'm so glad that your patients went away feeling better yesterday-that is always a rewarding feeling. And wasn't the Utes/TCU game A-MAZ-ING! Of course, had we not had that charge at the end of the game, I would be singing a different tune. Luckily they made the comeback because, really, noone wants to hear me sing!