Saturday, November 22, 2008

Beautiful Colorado!

Our little vacation was so much fun. There will be more pictures to come, but for now we will show the picture that our new friend Prahlad took of our family. We met a group of guys who were there for a trip and our camera was out of batteries. One of the guys offered to take a picture for us and send it to us. He actually did! I had already forgotten about it when it showed up in Adam's e-mail. What a nice person.
Anyway, this is at Seven Falls which was beautiful. Adam and Caroline picked me up during my lunch break at the conference and we went sight seeing. We took an elevator up to the viewpoint and it was warm and nice up there. There was also the option of taking stairs up to the falls. So we went back down the elevator, and looked up the steep, long stairway and began our trek. We only went up about 240 stairs, and remember Adam was carrying an extra 25 pounds with Caroline. When we had gone up and back down, both of our legs started getting charlie horses like mad! We couldn't stop laughing because we were trying to walk, but it was hard. Then we had to go down about 2 steps to the parking lot and barely made that. Ok, I knew I was a little out of shape...but apparently it's worse than I thought!

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