Thursday, March 31, 2011

{Cherry Blossoms}

I wanted to throw a bridal shower right by the water. 
I wanted to have another wedding for Adam and I right there.
I wanted the girls to be searching through a clear bag of gumballs.
These are some of the delightful places my thoughts were taken as we walked among thousands 
of cherry blossoms!  My jaw almost hit the ground and was open the whole time as I gaped at the tiny pink and white flowers that surrounded us.
I felt like I was in the most romantic film ever made, it was dreamy.  It was freezing, but dreamy.

There was supposed to be a kite festival that day, but it was cancelled due to 1 inch of snow.  Caroline was very disappointed, so we let her fly her kite anyway.  She took it very seriously as she wound the string back and forth in the air, not moving the kite at all.  Her little legs ran so fast all over the lawn and she would turn her head to make sure her kite was staying in the air.  
I can't remember the last time I have been out to fly a kite, but watching your child do it is one of the most delightful things you can do.
When we left the tidal basin and started heading back to the car, Caroline exclaimed, "I'm the happiest little girl in the whole wide world!"
(She felt that way until we went back to the blossoms days later and tried to get pics of the girls in spring dresses in freezing weather.)
Hearing that in her little 3 year old voice was more priceless than seeing the blossoms.


Gardner's said...

Isn't that a magical time in DC? I miss the sherry blossems this year! It really is so beautiful I am glad you posted the pics!

Katie Bell said...

They are sooo cute!!!! And you look stunning as always! I love olives little hat, where did you get it?

Mary said...

I have always wanted to see the cherry blossoms in DC. I'm so glad Spring is finally here!!

The Winegar's said...

How beautiful!!!! That picture of little Olive walking along side you - too precious!! And, of course, Caroline flying her kite. They are growing up too, too fast!!! 28 days!

Lauren Stuart and Madeline Jane said...

Such a cute post. You are too lucky that you are already seeing blossoms on the trees. Nada up here in Ithaca. Just mud, mud and more mud :)

You darkened your hair and I love it! I'm back to my natural as well :)

Miss you guys and Stu and I have been talking about coming to D.C. over fall break next year. Will you guys be around???

Corinne said...

SO CUTE! I want to come back and see them in person...maybe next year. Love you!

The Beckstroms said...

Katie- I made Olive's hat and I would love to know Jude's favorite color if she needs one :)

Here And Happy! said...

Magical! I hope to see those cherry blossoms sometime in my life. You all look so rosy in the cold--and don't you just love the sense of wonder that children bring to each new life experience? Kite flying with C and O would be thrilling! Counting with the Winegars...

Halley said...

Adorable pictures! Love love love them! I need to get into central park before they are all gone!