Sunday, March 27, 2011

Butterflies: A must do!

One of our favorite things that we have done so far in D.C. was found at the Natural History Museum.  It is a butterfly exhibit with tons of colorful and active winged beauties that you get to watch and enjoy in their very warm habitat.  They fly all around you and often land on your hair, elbow, or hands and hang out for a while.  
On Tuesdays it's free and they have timed tickets, so if you get there at 10 a.m. when it opens then you can get right in with no wait!

The girls are checking out which ones they have spotted and which ones are their favorites.

One of the workers took Caroline under her wing and was having her introduce butterflies that were in a cage, to their new environment.  She would get the insect on the paintbrush, and then gently let it check out the flower.  Then it would step off of the brush and into it's new surroundings.  

Olive was watching the floor closely to spot the ones that were hanging out close to her.  She would toddle on over to them and point and say "Ooooo".  
When we left Caroline didn't realize that we could not just walk back in whenever we pleased.  I had tried to warn her, but she didn't quite understand.  Luckily, we could walk back up to the counter, grab some more tickets, and go back through!  
We also didn't realize that we had butterflies on our shoulder and hair when we went into the exit to "shake off."  Luckily they were spotted by the workers and were taken back to their flower and fruit filled home.


The Winegar's said...

What a perfect activity for Caroline since she dreams of butterflies and flowers. And to be one of the only ones there so that she could really have a "hands on" experience. 33 days

Here And Happy! said...

Caroline must have been in her glory there! I wish we could have see it. Little Olive seems to be ready and willing to join right in on all the fun. Glad they have such great parents who makes sure they don't miss a thing. 33 days indeed.

Jill T said...

Next time you plan to go, will you let me know? Izabella is obsessed with the butterflies.