Wednesday, March 23, 2011

{Olive 15 months}

This 6 month old bundle of chub and gums used to only take up a small portion of her, what seemed like at the time, big crib.
Now, she sleeps sprawled out with her legs and arms filling up most of the extra space that used to be there.

Olive at 15 months is 22 pounds and 31 inches long.  Tight curls cover the back of her head, and has had a few haircuts to trim around the ears.  Her favorite foods are oatmeal, pb and j's, yogurt, cheese, most meat, beans, and she LOVES hummus.  She won't eat any fruit, except bananas, and sometimes she won't eat those.  She enjoys fruit smoothies with spinach in them.  She will usually only eat cooked vegetables with some sort of sauce on them.  Textures in her mouth are not her favorite thing.  Lots of things go into her mouth, only to be quickly and dramatically spit out, and then more spit comes.

Little O is extremely social and still greets everyone with an enthusiastic and loud, "HI!"  She loves to twirl and    
dance, with her arms usually held out.  You can always get a smile from her when you sing, "If you're happy and you know it."
She says lots of words, and mommy in her clear little voice is of course a favorite.  Daddy, blue, ear, please, more, ball, baby, dog are some on her list.  She signs please, thank you, more, dog, all done, blue, baby, bath, bear, hat, hot.  She answers most questions with a nod "Yeea", it is drawn out but also precise.  
Coloring is one of her favorite things to do and so is bringing us books to read.  She will sit on our laps, open the book, and then read it to us, in her language :)   When she is ready to take a bath, she will grab my pointer finger with her small hand and firmly tug me to the bathroom.
With folded arms in place, her prayers are the most sincere string of sounds and syllabus, with a "huh" at the end for amen.

Simple things bring her great pleasure.  Most recently she has a fettish with a bright green purse with a yellow chick on it.  Today I found a clean wipe in it, a baby washrag, a pink tie from a knit bootie, and a pretend lipstick.  

Each morning as daddy leaves for school, she runs as if she is saddle sore, down the hall to bid him farewell.   I never want to forget how that makes me grin everyday.

These two are such a combo of a calm summer's day, the big thunder storm that hits and eventually settles again, and the sweet comfort and relationship of your best friend. 

The other night I was talking to my friend who has a 12 year old boy.  She said that he is in a phase where he just answers questions with one work answers.
What did you do today?  Stuff
How was school?  Good
My friend said that that's just teenage years.  I went home and told Adam that I think I will never ask the girls to be quiet again :)  He had a good laugh at that.  
Then we went into their quiet, dark bedroom where Primary songs were playing softly in the background.  We just had to take a peek at them, so calm and comfortable.  Caroline most likely dreaming about butterflies and flowers.
They have no idea how much joy they bring us and I hope they will realize one day.  I also hope they will keep yearning for attention and time to tell us all of their silly and sweet thoughts.


Anonymous said...

Olive is growing up so fast!! She is such a little person. I think you might have an artist on your hands. To be into coloring at 15 mo. is really something. I'm also so happy that the two little girls get along so well and that they are best buds. There is nothing like being best friends with your sister. 37 more days.

The Cannons said...

Why did I have to move right when you got to D.C? We could be having so much fun. I love your little girls. This summer will be so great. Bear Lake here we come!!

LJ said...

Andrea and Adam--Lauren just turned me on to this spectacular blog! I kind of skimmed it, but your kids are super cute. Hope you are well and enjoying DC. I understand you are headed to NY for the summer. Awesome.


ben whisenant

Dan and Jen said...

It seems like not too long ago that we were playing with our newborn baby dolls. Now here we are playing with and enjoying the real things! Happy 15 months to Olive. She sure is a cutie!

Here And Happy! said...

Ok, now that I'm bawling...come soon okay? Smooches for all!