Saturday, March 19, 2011

St. Patty's Day

This St. Patrick's Day converted me to be a lover of this holiday!  I have never been way into this holiday, I guess because I didn't think there was much you could do on the day besides wear green.
Well, I was wrong and I so enjoyed scheming what the leprechauns would do next.  

Last year my cute friend made these pancakes and I have been excited to make them ever since!  (I tend to get kind of obsessed with things sometimes :)  They just made our whole house happy!  
When Caroline went to go potty in the morning, she found that the leprechauns had used it and she could not stop laughing.  She covered her cute little mouth with her hand and threw her head back in disbelief that the little green elves had visited.  
When I told her that she needed to wear green to preschool that day she asked why.  When I told her that she would get pinched if she didn't, she kept begging me to go to preschool with her.  I had to explain that she would be fine with her green on!  I also told her that the pinches should be soft, little pinches anyway and so then she calmed down and started pinching Olive (o so sweetly).

After preschool when I picked her up, she again was in hysterics just laughing.  She could barely get the words out to tell me that the chairs were "lost" because the leprechauns took them.  They also left her chocolate gold coins!  She was so taken by the days events that she wrote a song and had me write it down to give to daddy.  She sings it like Buddy the Elf, loud, dramatic, and a little monotone.  

We spent the afternoon with our friends the Gardner's, and later the Anderson's (minus their mama).  The kids did coloring pages and talked non stop about what the magical little green guys had been up to all day.  

Emilie made this mouth watering and beautiful snack.  Here is another treat I am so excited to make next year!  She also made corned beef and cabbage for dinner and I am such  fan.  I was skeptical to eat the cooked cabbage, but it had such a good flavor after cooking with the corned beef all day.

It was a holiday that took me by sweet surprise and I am smitten now.  
If there are other fun traditions that you love to do, please share because from here on out, I want to go all out!


Anonymous said...

I love how you make every holiday fun. You make a lot of ordinary days fun too. I used to make green eggs and ham and green milk - remember?

Holly said...

I love this holiday! I pretty much love any holiday you get to celebrate with kids though. Always so many fun things to do. Sometimes we have to spread out the activities all week to get them all done.

We love having a festive breakfast too. If I'm not up to making anything big or just don't have the time I make sure to have Lucky Charms on hand for Emma. It's the only time of year I buy them so it keeps it special.

We like to set a trap for the leprechauns the night before. If you trap one, the only way they can escape is by leaving you something in return (like chocolate coins).

We like having a festive dinner as well, with corned beef and cabbage, Irish soda bread, etc. And then for dessert we'll do shamrock shakes (with food coloring and mint flavor) and/or rainbow cupcakes. I LOVE making cupcakes and these ones are so fun, albeit a little tedious. You can follow this link to see pics from last year:

I'm glad you had fun! Cute pics too! It'll just keep getting better!!

Holly said...

Oh, and we always watch Darby O'Gill and the Little People sometime that week if not on the day itself. Emma loves it!

Sarah Z said...

What a fun mom you are! How do you make those pancakes?!They are darling! Can we visit your place next St. Patrick's Day?...PLEASE?

Dan and Jen said...

I love the rainbow pancake idea! I will have to do that next year. Our little leprechaun used our potty too. Syd loves that he does that every year. This is the first time that Sawyer was into it and he just stood there staring into the toilet in disbelief. Hilarious. The leprechauns also turned our milk green and made our living room a bit of a mess (books out, pictures upside down, toys out, etc...).

Like Holly, we also set leprechaun traps and watch Darby O'Gill and The Little People. We've also had a tradition the last few years with our neighborhood friends and have a green lunch. PB&J sandwiches on green bread (made by Great Harvest), green apples or grapes, green jello jigglers, green Sprite. THe kids love it!!!!

Here And Happy! said...

You can make a realistic looking footprint with the side of your fist, lipped in green food coloring, or tempera paint. Just use your pointer finger to add five little toes and voila! Remember, right AND left.

We also like Shamrock Shakes, which is just green sherbet covered in sprite with a candy stick for stirring...serve with EL Fudge cookies (not quite leprechauns, but you can pretend!)

Remember that the Leprechauns are fairy might be able to do some cute things with that theme.

Spencer Michelle and Elle said...

next year I am making those pancakes.... they are soo cute!! I love that idea. I love your girls green outfits, darling of course. You are the cutest Mom!!!