Friday, February 11, 2011


We have talked to a lot of family members this week which is always refreshing.  I love that when I talk to my mom and talk and talk and talk...she never asks if I have had any other adult contact in the day.  I know she must wonder sometimes.  We were sad to hear that Grandma B. is having a really hard week of chemo and radiation.  It must be a really hard week because we never hear negative come out of her mouth.  She is such a fighter!!  When we asked what we could do to help from so far away she said "just keep posting pictures of the girls."  So here is a BIG dose of the most innocent and tender love you can find to help heal those burns!

Caroline wanted to talk to her "glasses buddy, Liam" which is her cousin.  As they talked she asked him if she could come to his house.  He asked in a very matter-of-fact tone, "Why"?  
Caroline simply said, "Because I love you."  These two little loves went on to talk about day to day things such as Liam's dog, Maizy Kevin (after the female bird in Up) Scott, jewel parties, and Washington D.C.

I had to go pick up some incredible salsa from a friend tonight and asked if Caroline wanted to go with me.  She was in her p.j.'s and she said, "Yea, sure I will come.  I just need to bring my purse.  Oh and wait one minute, I need to bring my Hello Kitty suitcase (her lunchbox) with jewels in it, in case I want to get fancy!"

Immediately I went and grabbed the journal I write in for her and started writing that down as I was laughing. She asked what I was doing and I told her.  "Mommy," she said, "I like that you write down my words."  
Then she said with a smile, "Write that down...'I like that you write down my words.'" 
So I did just that.

This little one has a new picture pose to share with everyone, the scrunch face.  She also will blink and close her eyes even before I take a picture because she knows the dreaded flash is coming.  
She has her cute little teeth on the bottom, and four on top that we get to see when she laughs really hard.  
When she has a snack she has to have two, one to hold in each hand.  You know when she is very excited about something because her mouth makes a perfect O and she says, "Ooooo" "Oooo" with wide eyes.  
She dances in circles, she searches for her belly button (still trying to get that perfect pic), she tries to fold her chubby little arms for prayer and then mumbles while the prayer is said, she said "ruff ruff" today for a doggie sound, she sleeps on her belly with her round little bum in the air.
Here is a moment after church on a good day :)  We have church at 8 a.m. and that can produce some interesting results by the time we are home and the girls are tired and hungry.  It has been a lot better than 3 p.m. church though!
Recently we went to the Dulles Air and Space Museum.  More pics to come later, it was a very fun place to explore.  There were so many incredible planes.
We hope this love helps you heal!  We love you!!!


Here And Happy! said...

There's absolutely no better medicine! Thanks for the healthy dose. I feel better already. Much love <3

cuzimmom said...

Adorable pictures of the kids!! Keep Grandma Great in your prayers, too. She has hit a rough spot with CHF & everthing mthat goes will it. She is doing better, sllllooowwwwlllyy though. It's hard to keep a good girl down!
Love you guys.
Adam's other Mother

Kaeloni said...

Hope she gets better soon! Your girls are ADORABLE!

The Winegar's said...

I thought that I had left a post....oh well, I'll leave another one. HaPpY VaLeNtInE's DaY!!!! I love you all and I LOVE the girls pictures here. It was so good to talk to you yesterday!! LOVE YOU. XOXOXOXO