Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Spring Fever

Last weekend was incredible.  We woke up one morning to this.  The day couldn't have started any better.
We had over 70 degree weather which woke me up from what has felt like my hibernation.  I loved that I didn't get that afternoon drag, I just felt energized all day!
There were picnics, walking by the river, brats on the grill, you can see, we all enjoyed ourselves very much.

It was such a lovely weekend to honor President Lincoln and President Washington, who both have birthdays in February.  There were lots of floral wreaths honoring both men at their memorials.  
We went to Mt. Vernon with friends and when we went through Washington's home, Caroline was looking at one of the large brick fireplaces and said amazed, "I think that the 7 dwarfs live here!"  We all had a little chuckle at that.
So with the Spring Fever comes the Spring cleaning!  My friend does a project that when she does her cleaning she has to fling 100 things.  It sounds like a lot of stuff, but once you get started, it is amazing how fast you can add up things to fling!  
I am already up to 100 items, but just need to ditch the last box that is in the hall.
And since the flinging can't just linger on forever, the date to be done by is March 20th, the first day of Spring. 
So start looking in your closets, drawers, under the bed, I am sure you will find some very special flinging treasures.  


Here And Happy! said...

The Fling is so inspiring! I'm going to do it FOR SURE! Loved the fact that you are living in Memorialville for dead president's day. What an opportunity.

Anonymous said...

We did the Fling thing for Clark's wedding reception but I guess I could fling 100 more things. What memories you will have seeing all the wonderful sights that you are seeing!!

Jamilyn said...

I'm definitely finding 100 things to fling! What a beautiful city you live in.

Corinne said...

Way fun! I love love the warmer weather that starts to make appearances here and there! Yay!

Halley said...

We are doing our Spring dance here in hopes it will come soon.
I was really good to see you guys again last weekend.

The Hilton Family~ said...

Ahhh...Warmer weather! I bet that was amazing. I am hoping it comes our way soon. We have had lots of snow lately. I love the "fling" idea. I may have to try that :)

Brandon and Brittany said...

LOVE that sunrise picture!! Wow, incredible!!! Love the spring cleaning idea! I have caught the excitement of this!! I can't wait to gut out my drawers, closets, basement! How is your plan of only cleaning when your kids are down going??? Have you ever heard of the blog If not, check it out. It is awesome! She had a schedule that she does with her kids that I think is so get your things done but you ALSO have quality undivided attention with your kids...Anyways, hope you are doing well!! When are you next here? i want to see you!