Sunday, February 20, 2011

The festivities didn't stop with the little sweetheart party.  We celebrated our holiday on Valentine's Day Eve because Adam had school late the next day.  The dine-in restaurant turned out to be a very relaxing and delicious place to eat.  
Caroline was thrilled about having the lights off and eating by candlelight.  She of course continually said, "Whoa!  This is FANCY!"  
After she had exclaimed that for the third time, she looked at Adam and I and said very seriously, "You guys look lazy."
We looked down at our comfortable clothes that we were enjoying being in.  
She did have a valid point.  We had made a beautiful dinner and were dining in our grubbies.  
She went and put on a gown, a crown, and a boa, then instructed me to put on a dress.  She had also picked out a ginormous crown for me.  Adam went to get changed next and the fancy family was complete, with sweet Olive enjoying the musical clothes game from her seat.  
Our dessert just made us happy looking at it.  Sweetheart strawberry shortcakes with whipping cream that had sour cream and vanilla in it.  I enjoy anything with vanilla in it.
Caroline and I enjoyed opening our coupon books from daddy that had little pictures drawn on each one.  Caroline begs Adam each day to cash in one or all of her coupons.  He is the sweetest daddy and I love him so much!
So if you are dining at home for a special occasion, or just want to make an ordinary meal fun, put on some heels, or a tie and it really livens up the meal.  
Thanks to the life of our party, Caroline.


The Winegar's said...

You have "Fancy Nancy/Caroline" living with you. The dine-in dinner looked fun. Keep it up even when you get old like your mother and father. Hahaha

Lauren Stuart and Madeline Jane said...

We sure have to be creative for Valentines Day when the kids are involved. Our V-day was pretty similar. I love that dessert and the cute polka dot plate!! You guys are a cute family!

Here And Happy! said...

I can just imagine the whole thing--like a page right out of Fancy Nancy! Caroline cracks me up.


what a wonderful dinner! I am in love with the polka dot plates!! Caroline is the cutest thing ever! I hope my little girl will want everything to be "fancy" like Caroline. So So Cute.

Corinne said...

What a fun dinner! Are those the same magical hearts that enchanted newborn Olive? I am glad you had such a fancy night and that Caroline is keeping you in line!

Kate @SwimBikeQuilt said...

I just saw your link on Brooke's blog. I would love to sit and read Fancy Nancy with Caroline. I think it would be a hoot! It is one of our favorite books...