Thursday, February 17, 2011

{A sweetheart party}

We love an excuse for a party, so we decided to celebrate Valentine's Day and have some of Caroline's little buddies over.  
Every day she would ask, "Is today my party?"  and when the answer was no, she would smile and laugh and say, "Oh, not today!" in an embarrassed, silly voice.
Then the day finally came and here she is at 7 A.M. dressed and ready, with crown in place.  Since the party wasn't until 11, she proceeded to decorate the doorway with her rocking chair, scarves, a purse, and other sparkly things.
Here are all of the little sweethearts that came...
Liam who has his "pose face" on here.  We love Liam!
Here is sweet Ava who Caroline begs to have a playdate with everyday.  
My dear friend from highschool, Jill, came with her daughters.  Caroline idolizes Izabella and has wanted to make her a valentine card everyday.
We are so lucky to have the Gardner's here this semester from New Hampshire!  Caroline and Olive have had such a wonderful time spending time with Eden and Avi.  It's nice to be with friends who were just with the many other people that we love up in the Shire.
Caroline's cookie decorating has made leaps and bounds.  The frosting actually makes it to the cookie now!  Previous cookie parties entailed a massive heap of frosting on the knife, bypassing the cookie and going straight down the hatch.

After some healthy heart shaped snacks to even out the sugar rush, the kids made butterfly Valentine's.  We made similar ones for Caroline's preschool class that said, "You make my heart flutter."
We also read the most darling storybook that captivated all of the energetic little sweethearts.

And isn't it so true that these little ones are small but they teach me more about how to love bigger and better everyday!  
True, unadulterated L.O.V.E.


Lauren Stuart and Madeline Jane said...

You have the cutest ideas Andrea! Always so creative! Wish we lived close.. looks like a FUN party! And about kids teaching us to love.. couldn't be more true! xoxo

Jill T said...

such a fun party; Izabella talked about it for days after and almost had a panic attack when her butterfly valentine came apart--luckily we fixed it :)

j and k said...

I cannot imagine a sweeter family! You just all give each other bundles of love and it shows! You are such a great mom, Spam. The party looked like a blast and the picture of Caroline sitting next to the door waiting is priceless!

The Hilton Family~ said...

Andrea~ I'm back to the blogging world! That is so cute about Caroline waiting right by the it! What a darling little party. The girls are getting so big! Give them a hug for me :)

nate&amanda said...

Your little ones are the embodiment of sweetness. Little Caroline melts my heart everytime is see her bright eyes and big smile.

The Winegar's said...

That picture of Caroline at the door is priceless. It looks like you had another successful party. Looking forward to having you here and the parties and fun times we will have.

Here And Happy! said...

We are in awe every day that our son is lucky enough to be married to the Ultimate Party Mom! Thanks for all the memories-in-the-making. I wish I'd known YOU as a child, because I don't think I've ever known anyone as unique as Caroline, and believe me, I've met a LOT of kids! Precious and priceless, as always.

Kate @SwimBikeQuilt said...

All right. I'm not going to be a blog stalker/commenter, but it is fun to see people all in the same place. Did you guys move down from NH? Did I totally miss that? And fun to see Jill's face... sad that they moved even a little farther away...Love the party, by the way! Really cute.

Romney's said...

What a great party! And Caroline is so adorable! She is a little Winegar for sure.