Monday, February 7, 2011

Over five years ago Adam and I went on our first date.  I was so nervous that I couldn't buckle my own shoe, my roommate had to help me.  It was probably only the second time I hadn't seen him in scrubs.  We went to a 40's themed dance in Park City and we danced the entire time.  He was such a gentleman.  I thought he was too good to be true....
but now after 5 years of marriage, I am still so grateful that he wasn't too good to be true :)

Adam had an invitation to a dinner up in New York to meet people he will be working with this coming summer.  He said I was coming with for a little anniversary getaway!  We took the train up and snow was dumping down the entire time.  It was beautiful to just look out the window and see how incredible the snow was making everything look.  We read, we napped, we snuggled, we laughed and we could just be because our friends had our girls.  Thanks again Brooke, Miranda, and Emilie for taking such good care of them!

We arrived with 2 minutes to get to the lottery to put our names in for Wicked tickets.  And as you can see by the picture, we didn't score Wicked tickets, but we have ALL summer to try so hopefully 3rd time is the charm.  We saw Jersey Boys which is one of the top ones we saw in reviews that was playing.
The music gave me the chills, it's the music of Frankie Valli and the Four Seasons (I had no idea who he was before the show) who sang: Big girls don't cry, Sherry, Can't take my eyes off of you.  The language however did not give me the chills.  It was horrible and I am sure if we had done more research we would have realized that.
I am glad we accidentally saw it though because now we keep jammin' to the good tunes.
Due to the weather, Adam's dinner was cancelled and so he got to come to dinner with me!  We met up with some of our favorite New Hampshire peeps who now live just outside of the city, the Stringhams.  It was refreshing to catch up with them and such a comfort to know they will be there this summer.  We ate at the Shake Shack and little Levi downed more than me, he loves his burgers!
We went to Serendipity for dessert and devoured our frozen hot chocolate and banana split.
It snowed the entire day which made New York a little less crazy and a bit more charming.  I was soaking it all in, it was beautiful.  We took a tram over to Roosevelt Island and it goes up over one of the beautiful bridges.  That was a fun local secret that Jared and Halley introduced us too.
Our plans to be up and out on the town by 8am were foiled by our extra comfy bed.  Sleeping in was glorious!  It was liberating to not know what time it was when we woke up and not care.
We went ice skating at Rockefeller Center the next day. We made friends with the workers who were showing us their moves on the ice and letting us switch up the music a little bit, it just needed a little more spunk.

We also saw where we might be living in May!  If  we do get the housing that we applied for, we will be right by Greenwich Village and Bleeker Street.  It is such a thrilling area to explore.  It was such a relief to see a clean neighborhood and such well kept buildings.  I enjoyed taking the Subway and feeling more confident that I will be able to get around with the girls.  It made me extremely excited and less apprehensive.  

Look at how much snow there is!  Cars were buried and we were out skipping and holding hands in the thick of it.

I really, really enjoyed our getaway.  It was refreshing to be just with Adam and it was strange to do whatever we pleased without pausing for naps.  I must say though, coming home to our sweet girls was one of the highlights.  They were asleep when we went to pick them up and when I scooped up Caroline, she opened her sleepy eyes and gave me the biggest, happiest grin.  Then she said with a sigh, "Hi Mommy" in her sweet little voice.  

I am so fired up to go back to New York for the summer and fill the days with endless adventure.


Kristen Gardiner said...

Happy anniversary, Adam & Andrea! Glad you were able to have a mini vacation. New York looks like it'll be a wonderful place for you this summer.

Michelle said...

J-E-A-L-O-U-S!!!! Can't believe you get to live in NYC!

The Winegar's said...

It looks like you had a really great time in NY. I'm still a little apprehensive that you will be using the subway even if you did ride it to get accustomed to it. Just the mother in me. It was really nice that you had such good friends taking care of the girls too. Thanks to them.

Here And Happy! said...

You two really deserved that break. I'm so happy for you. New York this summer will be THE adventure, won't it? Hope to come see you there.

Sarah Z said...

How fun, girl! Happy 2 are perfect for eachother!

LJ said...

jealous!! so exciting! I am visiting. :)

Jamilyn said...

We really must come visit while you're living in NYC. Can we?

You guys are such the cutest couple. I'm glad you're in our family.

Adam B said...

Happy Valentine's Day Babe! I love you. Xoxo

Spencer Michelle and Elle said...

I love that picture on the top of your fam. You are all so beautiful!!! What a fun New York trip!!