Thursday, September 30, 2010


Do I want a huge armful of endearing 9 month old little loves?
Yes, I will take a giant order please.

Did the following conversation with my honest 3 year old shatter my self esteem?
No, but it motivated me a little bit more.
                        Caroline:  I wear big girl panties to bed and I keep them dry!!
                        Me:  I know, Daddy and I are so proud of you!
                        Caroline:  One day I will wear BIG big girl panties, just like you!
                        Me: Yep
                        Caroline: And one day I will have a BIG BIG bum bum like you too!

The brutal honesty has begun and it is hilarious, until the day when she asks why some strangers bum bum is so big.  
I will just say I did a few extra lunges the next day!


Mary said...

Can I just say that OLIVE IS THE CUTEST!!!! That is the most darling picture. Yes, you just want to squeeze her.

You got the big bum bum but wait until she asks you if you are pregnant because your tummy sticks out a little. But that will never happen to you. You are thin, thin, thin and don't have to worry about any of that.

The Beckstroms said...

Oh, she has already asked that and also said the other day as she was patting my hips, "Your hips are getting bigger and bigger." Somehow there is a sweetness in these comments!

Kate said...

look at little Olive standing! She is so sweet. I love that picture! Caroline cracks me up, so straight forward, but she's so little, so her idea of "BIG" isn't really! :)

Brandon and Brittany said...

oh my!!! So innocent but prob not fun to hear! haha!

Jamilyn said...

Oh Andrea, You definitely have the smallest bum of any of the "Beckstrom" girls! :)

The chair picture is up! I'm so happy that you love it.

Clancypants said...

I wish my bum was a "big" as your bum...


;-) You're adorable, Andrea. And so are your girls.

Kaeloni said...

That is such a cute picture and Caroline is SO DANG FUNNY!

Here And Happy! said...

...And so it begins! (Andrew Thomas, hugging me goodbye, real tight),"Grandma, is there a baby in your tummy?" "No Andrew, I'm just old and you can feel my muffin top." Andrew. "You're makin' a MUFFIN? It's a BIG one!" LOL. I'm sure there's a lot more where these came from. We're just getting started...oh, and when you're finished with your bum, can I have it?