Wednesday, September 22, 2010

{Social Butterfly}

Often as I have looked at blogs over the years, I have come across many first day of preschool
pictures.  I have always thought they were sweet with the happy little 3 or 4 year old all 
bright eyed and bushy tailed, ready for school.  
It's amazing the emotions that arise from your own child hitting this milestone.  It's all I've been talking about...
sorry family and friends.  
As the day approached, Caroline was so excited.  I was thrilled as well to
know that she would be interacting with so many fun children, teachers, and new activities.
As the day grew closer, Caroline grew more giddy and I started to notice a little twinge in my heart when I thought of her leaving 2 times a week for 3 hours.

The night before she started, Adam gave her a father's blessing for the upcoming school year.  Both Adam and I were so touched by how serious Caroline took this.  I had a hard time being reverent myself because I couldn't help but watch Caroline throughout it as her little eyelids twitched from trying so hard to keep them shut.  
All of the sudden she looked so big sitting in the tall back chair.  
After she said in her sweet little voice, "Thanks for the blessing dad."
What a love.

So as a family we went to drop her off.  We took pictures, walked her inside, and Caroline started doing what she does best....being a social butterfly.  She was ready to be there, and I was not ready to say bye for 3 hours.  I left in tears with Adam's arm around me telling me it would be ok, instead of him having 
to comfort Caroline who was fine :)  

....and I was thrilled to score this little gem for Caroline in Georgetown at a cute little children's boutique.
Polka dots, scalloped eyes, leaf zippers, a cute little place for her name inside....could you just die?


Mary said...

Oh my goodness or I should say "Wow"! First of all that picture of Caroline - she looks 5 or 6 instead of 3 and the backpack is darling!!! What store did you find it in? Did we walk buy it?

I'm glad that Caroline loves pre-school. Was there any doubt? AND I'm glad that mom is ok now too.

Corinne said...

I just died seeing that backpack. Cutest. thing. ever.

And I just love that little girl. She is so dang cute and it really doesn't get any easier seeing your kids grow up but I just have to remember how much they are going to learn and how much they love it and it gets me over the fact that they are growing up so fast!

Then I realize how much I can accomplish without my little rugrats around and it really is fabulous for a few hours and then they come home ready to be hugged by their momma.

Love you!

j and k said...

I kid you not, win the award for most adorable children. COuld she be any cuter? Honestly? I just want to squeeze her to pieces! Your kids are just lovely and you guys seem like the kindest, sweetest parents!

Adam B said...

My little princess is so grown up! It melted my heart to give her that blessing. We are so lucky that Heavenly Father gives us an opportunity to raise these beautiful little girls!!!

Dan and Jen said...

I felt the exact same way when Syd started preschool. And her first year, she was only gone twice a week for two hours... shouldn't have been that big of a deal. But I think it was more the fact that she was so big! And this year with Kindergarten both Dan and I got teary-eyed. Next year, first grade? Gone ALL day long? Forget it! I'm gonna die! But I decided a couple things: I'm grateful that I have such a great time with her that I hate being away from her; I'm grateful that she gets excited for new things and is independent enough to be ok away from me; I love that she gets excited to see me after school. I kind of have a love/hate relationship with her growing up.

But it sounds like Caroline is going to do so well! And she looks absolutely darling in that picture... very "first day of school." And I'm kind of jealous of the backpack. I want one for Syd! Good luck this year!

Katie Bell said...

So sweet Andrea! I understand 100% I cried the day I dropped rhyen off at preschool too. Uillame had a hard time this year with kindergarten as he was able to go drop her off with me this time. Caroline will do awesome...she is such a sweetie everyone will just LOVE her. miss you guys!

The Hilton Family~ said...

I can't believe how grown up she looks! and her glasses are adorable! i totally know the feelings that you felt as you left your precious little one for 3 hours. They are just growing up way too fast :( How are things in D.C.? I hope all is well. miss you!

Here And Happy! said...

I've never been more grateful that families are forever! It's such good, good news. Caroline is a delicious piece of Angel Pie--I can't get enough of her! I watch the moms outside at Kindergarten every year, mopping tears, and I did we get here so soon? The backpack is classic!