Monday, September 27, 2010

Revamping our day

I went to post some of our latest pics, but Adam has had to de-clutter our computer and the pictures are not back on it yet.  So instead of pictures, I will tell you about our latest plan that has me so fired up!!

I have recently felt overwhelmed with all there is to do and want to do.  I was making list after list to keep the thoughts that were always  running through my head in the best order I knew how.  I would check things off as they were getting done, but the list kept growing.  Although I was busy all day I felt kind of crazy and disorganized.  I also felt like a lot of time was being wasted.  Sundays would roll around and I would kind of become a little anxious about how to organize my week.  Adam and I have enjoyed sitting down and planning what we both have the upcoming week and writing it on a calendar, but this wasn't cutting it.  So we have taken it to a new level.  We plan our week and days missionary style, hour by hour.  I know, kind of OCD, right!?  That's what I thought, but we are not that hyper, there is a cushion and a little room to still relax.

Adam had little index cards with the days of the weeks and hours already made up.  This worked well for him in law school.  So, hesitantly, I took a card and started to fill it out.  It was surprising how quickly it filled up and how most of the filling up had Caroline and Olive's names attached :)  It was nice to see what free time I had, and then prioritize what I had to get done that day, or within the week.  I have referred to my cards many times and have a sense of accomplishment when I get even some mundane little things done.  My days have gone smoother and my mind can rest from all the list making.

I promise if you hang out with us we will not pull out our index card and see what the next hour holds.  And just like on a mission where appointments fall through, each day playdates come up, shopping trips, parks, and we are so up for spontaneity still!

So, I am off to plan my hour-by-hour day for tomorrow.  I will keep you posted on how well our new method works.


Brandon and Brittany said...

I love this!!! I do something very similiar. =) I get sooo much more accomplished when I plan out my days and weeks with such detail and in order of how I will accomplish it. =) I also plan 2 weeks out...this helps me to really know when best to get something done. Love it! And love to see that it works with kids too. =)

Emily said...

I love this too, you guys are so normal, don't worry! It's good to remind yourself that everyday tasks take time and they are valid time takers :O) LOVE and MISS you all!!

Here And Happy! said...

I wonder if this method will get me through graduate school? I carry SO much in my head!I should definitely try it. I'm pretty sure I didn't teach him that!