Friday, September 24, 2010

After my last post I realized I sounded really sad that Caroline is growing up.
It is a mixed feeling really.  Jetting around D.C. has been so much fun with the girls.  I never thought Caroline would be able to sit or stay by me longer than 2 minutes.  Now she won't leave my side....most of the time.
We have been exploring tons of new places and they have been pleasant and enjoyable to take around.

Adam's school is just a few blocks from the White House.  One afternoon after dropping him off at school, we parked and took a picnic to the White House.  I was excited to show Caroline my old place of employment right next to the President's home, the Treasury.  
I don't know if I have ever felt more like a tourist than that evening.  As we walked a couple blocks toward our destination, Caroline was gleefully shouting,
"We're going to the White House, we're going to the White House!"
Over and over she proclaimed it.
I saw many smiles and people's shoulders moving up and down as they tried to refrain from laughing out loud.

The zoo, the beach in Maryland, the local Target (ahhh), Old Town seems as though she
gets just as thrilled as I do to check out new places.  My little travel companions.

And here is one of those times when she was not by my side :)  and I was perfectly fine with that.

Anyone want to come visit?  The water's fine!


Mary said...

I can understand the pangs of your children growing up so fast. It never get grandchildren. But it's so fun to see them develop and mature and to become all they can be.

That pic of Caroline and Olive is priceless. I love them so much. And we ARE coming for a visit but not until next year. Thanks for the post and what you are up to. It kind of helps with you being so far away.

Love you.

Here And Happy! said...

lOVING the posts...never, never stop. We're coming! Just one month until the happy day. I can't get enough of Caroline doing "free bird" on the beach. Love those dollies. Love you.

Mary said...

Gorgeous! I wish I could!!

Morgan & Geoff said...

Her sandals match the White House flowers...adorable!