Tuesday, July 12, 2011

We had a non-stop 4th of July weekend.  We loved having Adam around even on Monday!  Grandma and Grandpa Beckstrom came for a visit and they were powerhouses.  Adam's mom has breast cancer and just got results from a PET scan that no one was very thrilled about.  She didn't feel up to par, but kept a smile on.  We took several rests which were good for me too as I was emotionally drained.  We packed it in though, and I think covered the rest of my must see list for New York.  I am bummed because we can't find our battery charger for our camera, so the camera will likely be resting for the remainder of our time here.  Luckily G & G B. had cameras and we got to borrow Grandpa's for a few weeks.

I loved the excitement that built up as we were sightseeing on Saturday. We knew that we were going to Wicked that evening and we all couldn't wait.  I loved that I didn't know the story, and I only knew a couple of songs so it was all new to me.  
(blurry I know, but it's the only one we have :)
We laughed so much over the weekend after we saw the show realizing that we have such a Glinda on our hands!!  We just have to teach her how to toss her hair and she's got it.  
We are debating if we should attach a cup to here so she could make some bank while she sings the entire day as we travel around.

Meet Gus, the most lovable Polar Bear I have ever met.  He lives at Central Park Zoo and is the happiest bear alive!  I think it must be because he weighs about 1,000 pounds and has the most beautiful fur coat, not to mention his sweet pool!  Every time we visit zoo, he is swimming.  He stands up on a rock and pokes his upper body out of the water, and then does a graceful back fall into the water to begin his glide.  He even does a swimmers flip turn to continue his swim.  Coolest animal I have ever met at a zoo.

After hanging out at the New York Public Library, we were reminded that we may have two Glinda's on our hands :)

Hide and Go Seek during one of our rests may have been the their favorite part of the day!

Oh baby!  The varieties of ginormous candy at FAO "Shorts" (as C calls it) is so fun to take in.  I think my favorite is the huge box of Nerds.

Grandma and Grandpa couldn't quite keep their eyes open while on popsicle watch.  It made Adam and I again just bust out laughing.  We also love how the girls are looking up with those eyes saying...ok, what's next on the agenda, we are ready for more!

More pictures of our 4th of July extravaganza are coming, but for now I am off on a quick trip with the girls to meet up with my family in Cooperstown, NY.  Then to Kansas City for some nurse training with a new job.  Kind of a whirlwind of fun/travel, but being around family is always a treat!


Sarah Z said...

What?? Training in Kansas City?? YAY!! Is this for MS or HGH? I forgot which lady you told me had called you when we hung out. How fun to have family visit for the 4th. We were able to go to Oregon! Talk to you soon...

Erin the Mom said...

You are so positive about the whirlwind, I think I would just be exhausted. Good luck with the training! Miss you guys.

Here And Happy! said...

You guys were so patient with my limitations! Thank you for being willing to sight-see at a snail's pace and act as though you were having the time of your lives. We loved everything we did. Great memories.

Kaeloni said...

Your girls get cuter and cuter! Prayers are still with Adam's mom!