Sunday, July 17, 2011

America's Birthday!

The Fourth of July is hands down my favorite holiday.  This is a bold statement coming from me because Adam would say every holiday is my favorite because they all have to be given a lots of attention...and lots of celebrating is always in order.  America's birthday, however, is the essence of summer and celebration!  Glorious summer heat and cooling off in the sprinklers, fireworks, hanging out on the grass, snowcones, bbq's, it's almost too much wonderfulness for one day to handle.

This year it was a very patriotic holiday for us.  We woke up and we were at the subway at 7 am.  No one else in New York was awake.  We were the only ones on the train, which has never happened.  We were also at a very clean subway stop, which never happens either!

We headed out to see our lovely Lady Liberty. It was incredible to read all about the history of how she came to be and all of the symbolism that surrounds her.  I definitely take living in this incredible country for granted and it was nice to reflect on how lucky we are. 

The girls took a pause from frolicking on the grass to raise a flower torch to the Statue of Liberty in honor of the day. 

The day continued with enjoying a lazy afternoon at the World Financial Center Waterfront.  We came upon this little gem by accident, and I think everyone in New York should spend an afternoon there for sure.  People were sailing, we had free snowcones and festive balloons.  It was absolutely perfect.

 We ventured through China Town and the smell that day was almost too much to bear.  Sorry to always comment on the smells, I guess I was really sensitive to them all.  Lovely Mulberry Street luckily saved us from the strong potent smell of fish, with exchanging it for smells of pesto, garlic, and fresh bread.  
Oh my, Little Italy is a street filled with colorful shade umbrellas, tables on the sidewalks, and people strolling.
It was the perfect place for dinner.

A highlight of the day was going to see the Macy's fireworks display on the Hudson River.  After a LONG, LONG walk, we finally were able to pass through security to get to the riverside.  It was totally worth the effort to see six synchronized displays of fired from barges floating in the water.   
We thought that the girls might fall asleep while waiting, but it turns out they are a lot like their mom and will do anything to catch sight of some sparklers in the air.  

Happy (belated) Independence Day America!


Michelle said...

What a great place to be for the 4th! I remember that being your fave holly-day. How fun!

PS I love the jolly bearded man seated behind you at dinner. Ha!

Camille said...

we need to hang out more when you come back to dc - you are so great at exploring and finding all of the fun places!!