Sunday, July 10, 2011

Sights to see in NYC and Many Thanks

I am overwhelmed right now.  Overwhelmed by the love and support we have had and how much it has brought comfort.  Often I forget that we are not the only family with difficult things going on, everyone has a lot on their plate.  Yet, with everyone being so busy, they take the time out from caring for sick children, husbands being out of town, church responsibilities, work, etc. to send love.  I think, in fact, that is another lesson I have learned at this time.  There is ALWAYS time to serve others and lift a load off their shoulders or help soothe pain.  If we make time to serve, our Heavenly Father will help it fit into our busy lives.  Thank you dear family and friends for teaching this to me and for being our buoy.  Our home has been
filled with an incredible feeling of peace which I know the wonderful gospel has brought.

This past week we have been together as a family a lot with the holiday and everything.  We didn't have a date night, but being here with no school has been so amazing for keeping lots of dates!  For most of our date nights, Adam and I have done city walks from a set of cards that a friend let us borrow. They sell the cards in most of the tourist shops around the city.  We have loved exploring all of the different neighborhoods and stopping here and there for a pastry, to listen to some jazz music, or to just sit and people watch.  It's been fun to learn why SoHo has it's name, South of Houston St., or Tribeca which is Triangle below Canal St.  I just love learning little factoids like that.

I am in love with all of the outdoor seating here.  People just set up most of their restaurant tables on the sidewalk and it just adds a lot of color and spice to the city streets.  Chairs like the ones here always catch my eye.  I just get whisked off to Europe in my mind.

There are a ton of indescribably nasty smells as you walk the streets, but these fresh fruit markets help redeem some good smelling air.  As you walk by it just feels fresh and the smells of citrus, berries, and melon fill the air.

These are delivery bikes for a restaurant in SoHo and I would love to get ahold of one to ride around.  They even have a little bell on them.

This firestation in Chelsea is so classic.  I am such a sucker for red and the flag blowing mightily out front, it's just too perfect.

The Green Market in Union Square is another place to go if your nose just can't take the scents of the usual streets in NY.  This lavender had me stopped for some time, the strong smell settled my queasy tummy and filled the air of the market.

Ok, I am such a sucker for Jazz music and this little trio was amazing!  They hang out in Central Park on the mall and they know how to get people's feet tapping.

One thing that has brought me the most happiness since being here is to see all of the incredible hydrangea plants throughout the gardens.  They grow so well here and the pinks and blues are so vibrant, I usually have to stop the stroller and the girls and I just stand in awe at them.  The most impressive display of these beauties is at the Rockefeller Plaza, where they line the entire walk down to the center.  We have gone there several times just to sit and take in these gorgeous plants.  One day I will have a garden full of these and peonies, oh how nice that sounds.


Erin the Mom said...

I envy your camera, and your New York experience! I hope one day to get to see the wonderful sights you see each day. I will be over in your future hydrangea garden every day; maybe I will grow one myself, too!

Jamilyn said...

Lovely pictures! I swear, sister Andrea, we should really be best friends. I love so many of the same things that you love- jazz music, European looking outdoor restaurants, lavender, and HYDRANGEAS! Looks like you will have two sister-in-laws hanging out in your future garden!

Here And Happy! said...

Can an extra mom join the garden party? It's taken your expressive enthusiasm for life to help me define some the the things that make me the most happy in the world. I love being around you if only to add "don't you just love....'s to the growing list! You've been such a gift in my life.