Wednesday, June 29, 2011

For the love of my life

I know I am extremely late, but I can't let the month of June pass by without wishing my sweet and hubba hubba husband a
Happy Birthday and Happy Father's Day!!  
I can't believe that my first impression that I had of him still stands true even more today, that he is the nicest person to everyone he meets and he is simply just a babe.
He treats me so well and does so much for me.  A few things that are on my mind since being in New York are that he does the laundry.  He goes down into the semi scary basement and gets all our clothes clean.
He already works so hard, but goes out of his way without complaint to do that.
Another thing that is tricky here is grocery shopping.  It's very hard to take kids because the isles are too small to almost fit a normal size person, let alone a stroller with two children.
He walks to Westside Market and carries all of the groceries home.
He is the BEST daddy and sometimes I think he should be the one at home with his endless patience and amazing way of interacting with the girls.  No matter how busy he is, time with his girls is most important.
And this made me cry.  At his mid-summer review when they asked him what the firm could do differently to make things better, Adam said, "It would be nice if you would include the spouses in a few of the summer activities."  I was so touched that he not only thought of that, but that he said it to a head honcho partner at the firm.
He's always looking out for his wife, I love you babe.
We were extremely lucky to spend Father's Day evening with one of my favorite families...The Moss Family! Sarah is one of my best friends from college and we lived together three different times and came to New York when we were single.  We have not hung out since our second babies were born due to living thousands of miles apart, and we have not stopped laughing since being back around each other.  
Not only did we enjoy tons of laughs that Sunday evening, but Sarah made an incredible meal with salmon, ribs, feta and strawberry salad, mashed potatoes and just look at that appetizer.  We all downed two plates worth of those little delights.


The Winegar's said...

What a darling picture of you all. AND I wish I could just reach in the computer and get one of those appitizers. YUM! You do have a wonderful husband. He was definately worth the wait.

That Caroline.......she just makes friends so easily and loves them. (You can tell from the picture with her arm around Sara's little girl.)

Jill T said...

You and Adam are so cute together! I hope the firm has more activities for spouses :)

Tell the Moss family I said hello.