Saturday, June 11, 2011

Dear New York thief,
Please don't target mothers with children anymore, or anyone for that matter.  When you steal someone's phone they feel defeated for a bit and it leaves a bad taste of NY in their mouth.

Dear Greenwich Village,
Thank you for the wonderful date night and romantic August restaurant.  The rhubarb crumble and ginger, coconut, and pistachio gelati was perfection.

Dear mice that live in the apartment building,
Please, please don't visit us anymore.  We know you like peanut butter, and just like your friends, you will be caught!

Dear refreshing rain,
Thank you for wiping out the 100 degree weather and humidity.  It has been so nice to walk home without dripping sweat along the way and with a little more spring in my step.

Dear Morningside Heights Ward,
Thank you, thank you for being so welcoming and for being full of so many friends with young children.

Dear ancient, classy old lady,
You really made me smile last night while you walked along the street, slightly hunched, with your drink from Five Guys in one hand and your Anthropologie bag in the other.

Dear Caroline,
My stomach still hurts from laughing when you asked if you could give me a "weddy" (a wedgie).

Dear Olive,
Your 18 month social personality wins over the hearts of such a spectrum of people on the subway.  They can't help but smile and wave and play peek-a-boo back with you.


Katie Bell said...

did someone steal your phone!?!?!?! I thought your post was cute. It seems like you are enjoying life in NY. Hope all is well, miss you guys.

Here And Happy! said...

So so sad phone story. Will we be giving New York another chance? Can't wait to see you. Love Skype.

The Winegar's said...

What a cute blog!! I'm glad things are going well other than the phone and mice incidences. Just be safe and watch the girls always. You can still be overprotective out there and have fun.

Morgan & Geoff said...

Your description of the ancient lady made me smile. Sorry about the phone thief and mice...the perils of urban living...

Erin the Mom said...

I'm so sorry about your phone, that's horrible! We've been the victims of theft a couple of times, and it has left me feeling so VIOLATED! Sorry you went through that out there. We miss and love you lots! Have you found our blog yet?