Thursday, June 9, 2011

We ventured downtown to Adam's office one Saturday and it was incredible to see the view from his office.  The Chrysler Building is just outside his window.
Here are the CEO's of our household.  They look pretty comfortable among the cement jungle, don't you think?  They run a very tight corporation filled with shadow puppets in the evening, puppet theater, dancing, and Olive runs the shoe department :)
We had no plans after leaving Adam's office, and we ran into a street fair that was phenomenal.  We couldn't stop drooling over all of the good things to eat.  The gyros were, may I say, the best I've had yet.  Fresh pineapple and peach smoothies also were devoured quickly and kept us cool as we walked along in the hot sun.
There were countless shops that I may have been able to get more fun pictures of if we hadn't given Olive a full smoothie to spill all over herself and her white dress :)  
Fire roasted corn on the cob anyone?  Divine!
One thing I am still kicking myself over is the little shop that I browsed through and passed up purchasing anything.  There were tons of smocked girls dresses and I didn't buy ONE.  Ah, I am still dying.  The prices were almost cheaper than a thrift store.  I try to be really smart with what I buy, but I thought way too much about that one and should have bought a bunch.  I now have a quest to find that little shop.  
Wish me luck!


The Winegar's said...

Those pictures make me drool. I hope there are some street fairs when we come.....I would LOVE to try some of the yummy food. We'll have to look for deals too if we have time!!

The Hilton Family~ said...

I finally got to catch up on your blog!! I love all the N.Y. posts! It looks amazing there! I am so sad that i couldn't come to playgroup while you were here :( hopefully I can see you next time around!...crossing my fingers. Looks like you are adjusting well. Can't wait to see more :)

Here And Happy! said...

So many adventures! Friends are piling us up with "must do's" for our little four-day visit! That might be something we leave to you. Great pictures!

Sarah Z said...

I am SO wishing I would've booked those cheap flights I found! It sounds like you are having the time of your life & livin it up in the big apple!