Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Olive 3 months

After posting the last video of Olive, my sweet little nephew asked his mom daily if he could watch "Olive dot com". I thought I would give them some more footage to smile at. Enjoy Liam! I can't wait for many family members to meet Olive in person in May. We know they will just adore her huge wide smile, soft hands, constantly moving tongue, tiny fists that grab on to your clothes and won't let go, eating her "hand dessert", and her darling face of contentment as much as we do!


Mary said...

I LOVE The segments need to be longer though. And I love that you post how she is doing every month. Fun to see her grow. Can't wait until you are here. It just won't be soon enough. Love you all tons.

Jamilyn said...

I love toooo!!

And MAY!!! We'll all be in Utah at the SAME TIME! Woot. Feels like that hasn't happened in a LOOONG time.

Love you guys!

Here And Happy! said... is definitely on our "favorites" list! Of course we could go for The Truman Show--Olive Chapter, but that might put a little strain on your style :0) Come home.

Corinne said...

We loved this edition of too. It looked like she was about to sneeze, so cute.

We love you!

The Hilton Family~ said...

I can't believe Olive is 3 months already! Time flies! I loved the cute. I am so excited that you are coming home in May. I know you are going to be crazy busy while you are here, but maybe we could squeeze in a few minutes to see each other. We would love it!

P.S. i hope you got my message :)

rachel said...

Oh my gosh Anj. She is the cutest little bug ever. And Jenny just gave me the greatest news tonight. You're moving here for the summer?! YEAH! So great! Can't wait to see you! Woohoo!