Monday, March 8, 2010

Things I've learned this week

Once a child is ready to potty train, it is actually kind of fun. It's so easy when they are ready. We have even gone out and done things with no accidents so far!

Ponies like to play air hockey (note the heart beads that are the pucks) and that Caroline even knows what that is. I walked into her room after her nap? and saw this and asked:
Me: Caroline, what are the ponies doing?
Caroline: Playing air hockey!
Spring Break in law school is A LOT different than Spring Break in undergrad. It basically means more free time for Adam to study, but we are grateful that he had that time. The time that we did have with Adam at home was so wonderful though and the girls just can't get enough of him!
Every time Caroline puts on these goggles, I get a good ab workout from laughing so hard.

That when I get 7 hours of uninterrupted sleep at night, I function so much better...Thank you Olive!

Caroline's Cinderella dress may not last until our trip to Disneyland in August. She wakes up and now it's the first thing she asks to put on. She also insists on napping in it. I know I could tell her she can't sleep in it, but really how do you tell a little one in a crown, a princess dress, fairy wings, and glass slippers No? I just can't, but I do have her take the crown and fairy wings off.


Mary said...

Caroline is hilarious!! She takes after her Scott cousins. I can't wait until you are here this summer. We will have so many fun adventures. And that picture of sweet Olive. Couldn't you just die?? It will be so much fun to get to know her better. I'm glad that the potty training is going so well too. One BIG thing out of the way.

Sarah Z said...

LIfe is wonderful isn't it? Kids make the biggest difference! We just started potty training Kendra. So far, no accidents since the first day! I love the air hockey cute!

Ann Marie said...

I'm glad Potty Training is going well, I hear it can be quite a nightmare. Caroline is so creative, I especially love that the ponies were playing air hockey.

Here And Happy! said...

We are ECSTATIC that you will be in Utah this summer. I love talking to Caroline on the phone--she is so compassionate and full of drama. Olive is definitely Angel Pie in this picture. Oooooohhhh family! I'm so h-a-p-p-y!!!!

Brandon and Brittany said...

oh my have the CUTEST kids!!!! i love that picture of olive with adam and caroline. =)

Emily Snow said...

cute pics andrea. i am glad you think potty training is fun...want to come to my house for a week or two? :) maybe my problem is that my boys have never expressed interest in being was all a matter of force at the age of 3. honestly! poney hockey is very creative.