Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dear 70 degree weather,
Please come back! I really enjoyed you.

Dear Hubby,
Thanks for the nice note thanking me for "running the world" while you're gone. We can do this for 6 more weeks!

Dear Olive,
Please keep flashing that gummy, slobbery, adorable grin. It makes any mess in the house seem tiny and any stress melt away. I can't kiss you, cuddle you, hold you, love you, or squish your precious cheeks enough!

Dear Caroline,
Please keep calling your little sister "Olive munchie" in your sweet, high pitched voice. It's makes us all smile. Also, please keep your clothes on during your nap instead of taking them off and yelling "I'm a nudie bear!!" when mom walks in the room.
Dear Utah grass and sidewalks,
I can't wait to sit on you and walk on you. It's just not the same here with asphalt sidewalks and weed grass.

Dear mullet nasty hair,
Please go away soon. Please let Monica help you be cute again.

Dear humble home,
Are you ever going to clean all at the same time again? I would really like that.

Dear mailbox,
I love when you have mail in it, absolutely love it! Thanks for having lots of fun mail over these past many months. Our family and friends are the greatest and they have spoiled us, don't ya think?

P.S. sweet little baby Olive, please please stop growing so fast.


Erica Huff said...

Oh goodness! Olive is just adorable! Don't you need a vacation to Texas? I just want to hold her! Good luck with the next few weeks. Is Adam off during the summer? Are you returning to Utah for the summer? You are such a cute mom. If only all children were as loved as your beautiful girls are!!

Corinne said...

Dear Andrea, (and fam!),
I love you!

Here And Happy! said...

Dear Andrea,
We are laughing hysterically over this wonderful post! Please, PLEASE come home now, soon, soon, soon. We need to squish some cheeks on Olive munchie and cuddle that nudie bear!

Adam B said...

Cute post love! I love you and our sweet girls!!!

Mary said...

Just counting the days until you are all here. Love you all. It's going to be so much fun when you are here!!! Love you.

Kristen Gardiner said...

Everything out of Caroline's mouth just makes the world seem more enjoyable. She's sooo funny!

Mary said...

I just have to say, if you are having a bad day and you look at that picture of Olive laughing your day will be wonderful. You can't help but feel good.

Halley said...

I hear you on the 70 degree weather. Your girls can't be much cuter. Olive is so squishy cute and Miss Caroline cracks me up. I can hear her little voice in my head, and the face you make in reaction to it. :-) We are coming out for graduation so we will see you guys in a couple months!

Sarah Z said...

I miss you...Todd's talking law school now so we need to chat! When are you visiting again?