Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Neil Leslie Diamond!!

This is what started it all.  The cassette tape that we listened to and practically wore out as my family drove through Wyoming, Nebraska and other states to get to my grandpa's cottage in Wisconsin year after year.  
It is Neil Diamond baby, and the Winegar love for him started young!  I knew his music was totally amazing, but I didn't find out just how amazing until a couple of weeks ago.

Back in December my sister schemed a very thoughtful gift and gave Adam and I Neil Diamond tickets for my birthday.  For Christmas, she also gave tickets to my parents and sister and her husband.
It turned out to be perfect timing for the concert in July because Adam finished the bar exam on the 25th and so how perfect to celebrate big on the 28th at the Neil Diamond concert!
It was kind of a big bonding joke with my family and we all had some good laughs that we were going to the concert.
As we were walking in I mentioned to Adam that we were the only people our age at the concert.  He said, "Oh no, look there are some...." then he started to count and point out "one, two, three....oh there's four others."
Yea, we were totally outnumbered by an older crowd, but Neil is just that cool he can draw in all ages.

I left totally pumped.  If you have not seen a Mr. Diamond in concert, go to the next one, if he lives to do another one...he is 71 years old.  I don't doubt that he'll be back though, he was gliding all over that stage and shakin' his pleather covered hips.  Man does he have moves, we were huddled over laughing so hard as he opened his arms and practically floated across the stage.
He definitely knows how to please the crowd with 4 reprises of Sweet Caroline (such a great moment!).  On the last one he didn't even sing, he said jokingly that he was totally sick of the song and that he wasn't going to sing it anymore (pause)..."but you can with my band!"  The crowd just roared it was seriously perfection.

I thought I knew the man well.  I mean, I had even watched a Christmas concert of his years ago in Chicago at my awesome Aunt and Uncle's home.  We were drawn in by Neil then as we dined over Buona Beef.
I had no idea, however, that he wrote Red Red Wine and that UB40 did a cover of it.
He also wrote the classic song sung by the Monkees "I'm a Believer".
Other classics he sung were Shilo, Cracklin' Rosie, and of course Comin' to America!
We were a little disappointed also that we weren't dressed appropriately!  A true fan only wears sequins to the concerts, we will be prepared next time.  I already spotted some sequin shorts in a variety of colors for our next concert.

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The Winegar's said...

That was such a great night rockin' to Neil. We've been 3 times and his concerts NEVER get old. Waiting for the next one!

buddens said...

we were there too! it was seriously so fun and yes! the man is a fantastic performer! i think there are a lot more young fans of his than you'd think. such a fun concert.

Jones said...

I haven't checked your blog in forever! We were at the Neil Diamond concert too!! Best. Concert. EVER.